The Italian duo VINAI have come up with another hit track “Time For The Techno” co-producing with the American DJ/Producer Carnage. The track is already supported by many of the greatest such as Hardwell and the it going viral already. The brothers talk about the meaning behind this track and what this release means to their career.  


Q1. Congratulation on your new release “Time for the Techno” with Carnage. How did you and Carnage come together to produce this track?

We were in Los Angeles couple of months ago and we did an idea, that was a little bit different compared to the final result..we sent this idea to carnage and he came up with few changes…after this we finalized the idea once we came back in our studio in Italy…this collaboration is very important for us and we believe in this project since day one. 



Q2. How is this track special compare to other tracks you’ve released throughout the career 

This record is a big step in our career…it’s a 100% festival anthem…150 bpm…the first of a series...


Q3. How was working with Carnage? Any behind the scene stories?

Working with him was good! A little bit difficult because we live in Italy and he in Las Vegas..but nowadays you can do everything with Skype!



Q4. What is the most essential aspect when producing a track?

The most essential aspect is the feeling when you play live the song for the first time…the reaction of the crowd..when you see 10.000 people jumping on your song it’s the perfect feedback 


Q5. Please leave a message for Japanese fans.

Hey Japan! Thanks for the amazing support that you give to us everyday!!See you soon!!!


Japan is one of the special places around the world that they have ever performed and last year, they have presented a “DJ MAG JAPAN Guest Mix” as a gift to their Japanese fans. The new release “Time For The Techno” is another banger from VINAI and Carnage and a track to check out. Stay tuned to their other releases as well!