One of the highly respected DJ/producer in dance music scene for a long time, Moguai is coming to Tokyo. He has been producing sounds that can only be done with his talent and skills and contributed heavily in creating the foundation of this industry. He has been doing over 120 gigs around the world in a year not only in clubs  such as the well known Pacha but of course at big festivals making the crowd go wild every time. The Halloween party at Sound Museum Vision, Tokyo is going wild on 29th of October but first check out his interview on his new release and DJ Mag.



Q1. What was your first impression of Japan?

I played my very first Japan show on Takkyu Ishinos night at Womb/Tokyo and my very first impression was: WOW where am I and why took it me so long to come here. I became an absolutely Japan fan and I’m always overwhelmedy the beautiful country. I don’t know any other country on our planet, where the people are so humble, respectful and polite. Furthermore Japanese people know how to celebrate and I love how enthusiastic they are and I’m one of the biggest Sushi fans. So without a doubt I can say: I love Japan!


Q2. You have been traveling all over the world for your gigs. What is the biggest change in dance music for you?

The biggest change in dance music came with the internet. From then on, everyone was able to promote themselves. But it was not only the masses who were now able to spread their music through Soundcloud, Facebook and so on… Dance music changed through all these talented bedroom producers and their new influences and ideas. I can’t remember when we had so my new genres in the electronic music scene. I see this as a plus and the electronic music future will be great, cause it will never stop this way.



Q3. When did you decide to start producing music and what/who inspired you?

Back in the days when I started as a Techno DJ, I became kind of bored playing always music from other producers or DJs. I felt that something wanted to come out of me, so began starting building my own little studio. Before I started with Techno music, I was a skater and only heard Punk music. I found the same energy in the early nineties in electronic music so that’s why I decided to become a DJ. In my own records I always try to keep that revolutionary and alterity alive which I grew up with. So I would say that my very beginning still inspires and guide me in my way of producing music!


Q4. What have you been up to this summer? Can you tell us about your upcoming tours or new tracks you’re working on?

The summer of 2016 was amazing for me! I think I never played as many festivals like this year and because I live in Berlin and in LA, I had some time to spent in my studios doesn’t matter where I toured. Right now, me and my team are promoting my new single "Pray for rain“ which is my 2nd release on Warner Music.



Q5. What is DJMag to you as a DJ/Producer?

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the DJ mag Top 100, because no one really knows for what it is!

Is the top 100 about the best DJ, producer, singer or band? I don’t know cause it’s so mixed plus, the really talented guys are not in the charts or they are at the very end!


Q6. What would you like to say to the Japanese fans?

I’m very very excited to come back to Japan and to play the Halloween party at Sound Museum Vision, because like I said, I love Japan, I love the Japanese crowd and I’m very looking forward to play for them and to show them all my new upcoming releases!! See you in TOKYO ;)



Not only is Moguai respected by superstars like Tiësto who's ranked 5th in 2016 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs but also talents from different genre like Beyoncé by using her song for a remix. There's a huge difference in playing at big festivals and small clubs but he does so as if there's not big deal with his pure talent, skills and experience. Moguai is definitely one of the DJs/producers in the scene coming up with new vibe and sound to get his fans drunk so keep an eye on him.