Armada Night, a label party of Armada Music, is going to be held at ageHa Tokyo on 6th of August. The guest lineup from Armada Music is TOP100DJs #40 Andrew Rayel, Orjan Nilsen, and Rodg. It is the first time for all of them to come and perform in Japan. We DJMag Japan is honored to have an interview with Ørjan Nilsen, the leading talent in trance. He answered us about his impression of Japan, new release and more!


DJMag: We know this is your first time to visit Japan, however what is your impression of Japan so far?

Ørjan: I'm crazy excited about visiting Japan, I've been close to visiting a few times before, but the timing just wasn't right, so to finally be able to visit is a great honor, I've heard so many good things about the Japanese people, and the culture that I just can't wait!


DJMag: What’s keeping you busy this summer? Can you tell us your upcoming tours and new tracks you’re working on now?

Ørjan: This summer I got a house, I officially became an adult, with a mortgage and everything. I also managed break my hand, and I've been quite busy working on a new album that hopefully will be out in not too long, I just have to finish it first!


DJMag: How do you remember the moment of your very first album “In my opinion” came out in 2011?

Ørjan: I was over the moon, immensely proud, 'In My Opinion' was a long time in the works, mainly cause I lost half of the album (and most of my old project files) when my harddrive gave up on me, so to finally be able to finish the album, and all the attention and support it got, it was an amazing moment, a career highlight.


DJMag: Do you play any musical instrument? If so, which one do you like the most?

Ørjan: I play the piano and drums, I actually applied to the local music school, and on the form you had to write your top 3 instruments, i wrote in piano, guitar and drums, so imagine my surprise when I was handed a clarinet!


DJMag: As an international DJ and producer, what message do you like to deliver to audience through your music?

ØrjanI don't know if my music has a message, but I'd like to make people stay with me in the moment, so many people worry about tomorrow, and with my music I just hope people will be having a good time, let go of their worries for a bit.


DJMag: What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ/producer?

Ørjan: DJMag is important in the sense that often times thats how most promoters become aware of you, If you are doing well in the DJMag, you get to tour more places in a country, not just the big cities, but even promoters in smaller markets will consider bringing you in for a show, thus more people who like my music and my sets get to experience it in person.


DJMag: TOP100DJs voting started in Japan from this year. Would you like to leave a message for your fans and voters in Japan?

Ørjan: I'm so grateful for all of #TeamOrjan every where around the world, I hope you will continue to enjoy my music, enjoy my liveshows, and hopefully with the support from you at ageHa I'll be back doing more shows in Japan in the near future.


DJMag: Please leave a message to Japanese audience.

ØrjanI hope to see as many of you as possible at ageHa on the 6th of August, Feel free to bug me for a picture, I'm so excited about my japanese debut, and I hope you'll be having a great time.




Date: Saturday 6th of August | Start: 23:00 | Lineup: Andrew Rayel, Ørjan Nilsen, Rodg, Nhato

ADMISSION DOOR: ¥4,000 | ageHa Member: ¥3,000 | 20th PASS: ¥2,000 (Only 20years old) | International Coupon :¥3,500 (All Foreign I.D Holders) | ADV: ¥3,500 (Fast line)

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