Q1. We’re glad to interview with you! How has this year been treating you so far?

Really good! I’ve been really busy making music and touring all around the world. Seeing my fans go crazy and having so much fun playing new music all the time really is the best job ever. I really feel that this year, I can show the world ‘next level Julian’.


Q2. Please talk to us about your new release and the inspiration behind it.

I just released ‘’To The Wire’’ and I’m insanely proud of this one. The whole journey of making this track was amazing. I had some great studio sessions for this one and Jhart & Chris loco really delivered a next level vocal. I’m the proudest of this track right now!



Q3. How do you see this track compared to the ones you’ve released throughout the career? Is this more special compared to others?

It is really something special, I release a lot of club/festival tracks like ‘Oldskool’ but this one is more friendly for people that want to listen to music during the day or whenever they are going somewhere by car/bike etc. I think I kept all my signature sounds in this track, so people can also enjoy it in the club. It’s actually the perfect combination of a club and radio track.


Q4. What's coming from Julian Jordan in the following months?

So much! Really! I’ve been super busy and have to say this year is almost fully planned with new music that is coming out. The amount of time I have spent working on new material is crazy, but it also feels like I discovered a “next level Julian”. With all the big shows coming up and crazy collaborations I’m showing the world this is just the beginning!



Q5. We can’t wait to have you back in Japan for S2O JAPAN 2019. Please leave a message for your fans.

And I can’t wait to be back as well! It’s not a secret that Japan is one of my favorite countries and it feels so good to tell I’m coming back! I will always make time for my fans so I can’t wait to see you all there!!