All lovers of future house knows him, Netherland new rising future house artists “Brooks” is enthusiastically supported by DJ MAG TOP No,1 artist Martin Garrix. He gain all attention from representatives in this industry by collaborating with Martin Garrix at the song “Byte” and it will bring him to next stage in 2018. We all remember that His remix of Azzido Da Bass’s “50,000 Watts” becomes a milestone to put his name on stardam. The rising star share his story with us.  


Q1. Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

‘Boomerang’ is a huge ball of energy! For me, this track in particular really managed to capture that spark I feel when things just click in to place in the studio and I get that tell-tale rush. I wanna spread that special energy to the dancefloor. GRX and I were feeling super pumped about the whole process for this one and it just flowed so naturally. I want to make people feel free and like they just want to MOVE for this one, so hopefully we’ve managed to pull that off. It’s a hectic one for sure!



Q2. How was this year? What was the best experience of 2017?

This year has flown by! It’s been crazy, but good crazy. I’ve travelled to a lot of incredible places and met a lot of interesting people. I particularly enjoyed my time in Asia (Thailand, China and Nepal) – it’s stunning to get such a good reception from audiences so far away from the familiar place I started my music career. I’m leaving 2017 feeling even more driven and inspired than ever.


Q3. What do you feel has been your biggest achievement?

This is a difficult one! I’m continuously overwhelmed by the support I receive for everything I do. Any achievement (whether big or small) feels like a huge step for me and I’m always grateful. I also like to think that a great achievement is to have the freedom to keep doing what I love; making music, and traveling all over the world to play those tracks! making people dance makes me feel like I’m giving back. That’s a feeling you can’t beat.


Q4. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your sets and why?

The first one would have to be ‘Droeloe – Kintsugi’. I love playing this one, since it’s something people won’t really expect in a set like mine but this track just has so much energy, it’s insane! The second one would be my remix of Zayn and Sia’s ‘Dusk Til Dawn’. I’m just really proud of the fact that I got the opportunity to remix such big artists, so it always feels great playing that track!




Q5. What do you have coming up in the future?

At the moment, I’m hitting the studio hard every day and just getting stuff done. I’m in such an intense period of creation at the moment – I’ve got so many ideas I want to make work, so I’m just focusing on making that happen. I’ve got some European show dates coming up and some announcements soon that are very exciting! Stay tuned.


Q6. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

You guys are truly incredible and I hope to see you soon. Thank you for everything!



His first stage was the same stage of Showtek known as a producer of biggest success songs “Booyah” and “Bad”. It shows us how Brooks have potential to be next star in this industry. Producing several successful track such as Collaboration song with DJ MAG TOP No,35 Bassjack “Alamo”, he was ranked top 40 artists of YOUR EDM’s“Top 40 Artists To Watch in 2017 and all representatives in this industry put their eyes on him in 2018. Stay tune on this next action.