Since their birth at 12 years ago, CLUB CAMELOT has set more than 1500 audience on fire in every weekend and brought them to another world with breathtaking sounds from highest-grade sound system and leading edge lightning fixture. The club has three separate rooms, main floor, sub floor and lounge, which each have their own independent concept and provide variety of music according to each concept. 



October 6, 7, and 8, The Club made success of booking with Jonas Blues, who is now world most famous DJ/Producer and incredibly hart to book, at its 12th anniversary party CLUB CAMELOT 12th Anniversary MOVE NIGHT_×DJ MAG JAPAN presents "Jonas Blue"Furthermore, it has created one and only party successfully with other world class DJs such as “Bingo Players”, “Third Party” ,VINAI “ and “Celine Farach” so far. 



Moreover, at this July, August and September, Its stage fascinated all dance music lovers by collaborating with Axwell’s label “Axton Records”. The event were headlined by attention-grabbing artist such as KO:YU, NEW_ID, D.O.D and the label’s emerging star Shapov. Especially collaboration with Shapov was remembered by history as first footprint of him in japan dance music industry. 

All those efforts in 2017 attracted a lot of attention enough from representatives of worldwide electronic music industry.







Q1. Compared with past 12 years, What was a main focus in 2017?

Mainly, we have been aiming to increase variety of music genres for more wide range of audience in this year, from music experts to music lovers. 

For the reason, we tried to invite DJs from each genre and also to collaborate with Artist-influencers for informing our quality to prospective clubbers.


Q2. Being a leader of the industry in Japan for past 12 years, how do you see current japan nightlife landscape? 

Compered with past 12 years, we think Responsibility of Clubs has been changed. Clubs were place for mainly enjoying music, dancing and meeting people but recently, we realized that clubs can and must play a role as “media platform” to let people know trends of Fashion, culture, digital contents and more.



Q3. What is the unique strength of CLUB CAMELOT making it stand out among other clubs?

The each 3 floors is open 356 days and cover variety of music genre. It means all kind of music lovers can find their own space in every time they come. Especially in weekend, we book guest DJs fitting into each floor’s concept for being able to let audience feel like being in festival. 

Also, considering current tourism market trend, payment system of credit card and apple pay is implemented, so customer from other country do not need to have cash for having a good time in our club.      


Q4. As the collaboration with Axtone records was created a lot attention from the globe, what is a next goal in 2018 and what kind of events do you plan for achieving this goal?   

Our goal is to keep on entertaining wide range of audience and having a best enjoyable time with them. For achieving this goal, our events are going to be mixed by all kind of genre and put other essence into like festivals. We believe that the continuous efforts will make better moment to our funs.  



Q5. Please leave a message for your fans and lovers in Japan

Thank you for supporting us for a long time. Your energy and support led us to achieve collaboration with several big-name such as Jonas Blue, VINAI and more in this year.

It is for sure to put all our best into next year as well for providing unforgettable moment to you. As of now, it can not be announced but special surprising announcement will be came out in next spring. So, please stay tuned to our announcement and thank you for you all again.