Paris & Simo are a up and coming duo artist from Canada and they are really starting to receive attention from the people especially in Europe and Northern America. Since their winning award for EDC’s newcomer project, they have track after track left their foot prints and progressing rapidly into bigger artist. Back in 2014, they have toured with one of the pioneer’s of dance music, David Guetta and opened many shows for the legend. Let us share an interview with them and how it feels to be one of the most rapidly progressing artists in the scene right now.


Q1. Please tell us more about your latest release and an inspiration behind it.

 “Come As You Are” is very special to us. During a long grind in the studio, we experienced some trouble – similar to a writer’s block. Nothing was coming out, our creative juices weren’t flowing and everything had come to a standstill. We faced our obstacle head-on, filled with determination; we worked long hours putting every bit of our souls and our essence into our most recent productions and eventually came out with more unique sounding tracks, “Evermore” being the first track after our writer’s block, then came along a few other ideas during that time and that’s when we started on ‘Come As You Are’. We overcame our challenges and felt our production had reached an even higher level of quality. Life is full of ups and downs but experiences like this reinforce our belief in persistence and its role in our success. We also want to give a shout out to Karen Harding who delivered an amazing vocal, she’s an extremely talented writer/singer!




Q2. How was your Summer?

We had a great summer, we got to travel, playing shows in exotic locations such as Malaysia and India, meet all kinds of interesting characters, made new friends and explored place we had no idea even existed.  At the same time we also played a couple of shows in our hometown, Montreal, which is always great since we shared our experiences with our close friends and family.


Q3. Which other artists are inspiring you right now?

We have to say Skrillex since he’s been pumping out great tracks for so many years… His consistency is incredible and legendary. His sound design has always intrigued us, and he is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to making music.



Q4. Are there any artists in particular you would love to collab with this year?

There are too many to name, one would be Axwell if we had the chance. We believe that with our combined skillset, we would create something special, he’s been an inspiration for us since we started so it would be interesting to see what we would come up with in the studio.


Q5. Are you able to name a specific moment when you felt that your career swung into higher gear?

Absolutely! Right after we won the Tiesto remix competition for “Work Hard, Play Hard” we were thrust into the spotlight of the dance music community. Although it was only for a brief moment, it was more than enough for the dance music world to take notice and we grew organically from there. This was also during the time we released ‘Monk’ & ‘Nova’ on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.


Q6. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Japan always holds a special place in our hearts. I’m not sure if it’s because we grew up reading Japanese manga such as Dragon Ball Z, Ghost in the Shell or playing Japanese video games like Pokémon. We have always admired Japan and sincerely consider their art to be among the most unique and interesting in the world. We would still have to say that playing in Tokyo & Nagoya was one of our favorite experiences, hopefully we will be back soon! A large part of the inspiration for art comes from the culture that surrounds it. Our exposure to Japanese culture, even if limited, has not only left us awed but has provided us with inspiration.  We wish to push the boundaries of our creative limit and share our artistic visions and experiences with Japan, because we believe they only deserve the best. On a final note, we’d like to thank you and tell you to get ready for a wild ride since we believe our best is yet to come:)



A winning award for Tiesto’s “Work Hard Play Hard” contest and a contract with Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Paris & Simo are clearly making big steps towards their entry in the DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs. More and more people have started to recognise and see them as great rivals,which is a great evidence that they are rapidly growing. Their young age only allows them with more time to learn and progress further into the scene and we hope to see them continue to raise the standards of the dance music scene.