Rodg, a DJ/Producer who also rocked the Japanese crowd last year for the event Armada Night in Tokyo along with the leading figure in Trance scene Andrew Rayel and Ørjan Nilsen. Not only is he recognised as an artist but he also works as the PR manager is contributing to the scene in various perspectives. Rodg is heavily praised by one of the owner and leading figures in the scene Armin van Buuren. He has mentioned before that Rodg is “One of the best producers of 2016”. A talent with a lot of expectations shows that he is praised by many and will soon be making a huge step in his career. He has recently released “Togetherr” and kindly opened up to us about the production side of the story.  


Q1. Congratulations on your "Togetherr" release. Can you tell us more about it?

Thanks! It’s a 16 track collaboration album with my good friend Ruben de Ronde. Besides working “Togetherr” we’ve collaborated with a lot of side artists like Ben Gold, Orjan Nilsen, Genix, Patrick Baker, Estiva, Louise Rademakers and more.



Q2. How did you decide to work with Ruben de Ronde and how was it?

We got booked for ASOT Utrecht last Februari as a b2b set… And we thought… Let’s do something special! Let’s play only our own productions and remixes… Let’s play only exclusive new music there.. From there the idea came up to do 100% our own and new productions and bundle them as an album!


Q3. How is your 2017 so far?

So far it has been really great. Have done quite a few amazing shows, some absolute highlights of my career and still many many more to come.



Q4. What are your plans for the Summer?

Busy and traveling! Have a busy tourschedule coming up with shows like Tomorrowland, Ultra Europe, Ibiza, Creamfields and more awesome shows I really look forward to.


Q5. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your sets and why?

Hard to say! I have so many records taken from the album that are must play records for my DJ sets. If I have to pick two… The collab with Estiva called “Intergalactic” and the record with Genix called “Midnight Blue” always work magically on the dancefloor when playing them. 




Q6. Which track would be your favourite from your work and what inspired you to produce that track?

From all my work… Maybe to date that’ll be High On Life. Got inspired by traveling and doing fun things, and the record worked really well, got played by Armin at Ultra Miami last year and was the title track of my debut album that released last year. Changed my career in many ways 



Q7. What would Japanese fans be surprised to learn about you?

That Japanese food is my most favorite food there is ;-) Was in Japan last year for the first time in my life, loved every minute being there. And the food is just amazing. Can’t wait to go back,


Q8. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Thanks for all the love and support you guys always give me, special shout out to Saya who came to the show last year with a special made Rodg flag. I loved that!




Rodg is now one of the players with great expectations from his fans and the label Armada to become one of the leading figures of the scene very soon. He has been receiving support from great individuals for quite some time such as Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Max Graham, Markus Schulz, Ruben de Ronde and many more. He continues to produce tracks full of excitement and original sounds. Tune into his new album “Togetherr” and we hope to see him soon in Japan again!