Q1. We heard your new track “Raise Your Voice”. Can you tell us a bit about it?

The track was actually dedicated to all the people on the dancefloor who want to be heard and recognized. They are the warriors that are there week in and week out dedicated to our music. So when I wrote the lyric it was definitely for them.



Q2. How did you decide to work with Alpha²?

We had actually been talking about a collab for a long time but as it goes you run out of time every season and things come up. They contacted me at the end of last year to see if we could still do something and I had this idea ready to go. So we came together to work on it and the rest is history! 


Q3. How is your 2017 so far?

Really great. I have a busy summer coming with some awesome festivals. I am so busy in the studio at the moment working on new solo tracks and collabs so there is plenty of new tunes coming. There are 5 still ready to be unleashed this year! 


Q4. Which track would be your favourite from your work and what inspired you to produce that track?

That is a difficult question as each track was created with a different emotion in mind and tells a different story. Lyric wise I think it would have to be It’s On. It tells a story of a struggled past and rise to glory. That no one can hold you back from your dreams. 


Q5. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your sets and why?

1- Definitely my song #Bassface no matter where I play it, the crowd know it and love it. I get so much energy from the crowds participation.


2- Rebel Territory, I love how different this track is to any others in my set, it is unique and rough and blows the room up! 


Q6. What would Japanese fans be surprised to learn about you?

I love to cook and used to be a chef when I was younger. I also loveeeee Japanese Whisky! <3


Q7. What’s coming up next for you in the early 2017?

Music Music Music and touring. I would like to start working on an album in the winter so the next step is to begin planning the theme and writing the ideas! 


Q8. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Japan, I love you and your culture and I really hope to be able to visit soon to share my music with you!