A DJ/Producer duo CYA is praised and supported by the legendary figures who has been leading the scene such as A-Trak, Armin van Buuren, Moguai, Steve Angello, Sander van Doorn, Third Party and more. A new comer and youngster duo has released their new single “Mistakes” and also wanted to reach out to Asian fans through our exclusive interview.


Q1. Could you introduce yourself?

We’re just a couple of guys doing music and making a living from it


Q2. We heard your debut track 'Mistakes', which is great! Can you tell us a bit about it?

“Mistakes” is our first single, and the result of learning from the past few years in the music industry. You can always look for a proper sound or inspiration, but in the end it’s the result of a mixture of things that makes you find the melody. And being a duo helps us to get the best out of it, as neither of us are satisfied till we achieve what we’re looking for.



Q3. Your sound is pretty unique. Do trends influence your sound or would you rather stick to your own inspirations? 

I believe everyone has influences, like it or not, we spend a lot of time listening to music, and it’s very good, as long as you identify your self with it. But of course we have our own idea of music and want to do something genuine and authentic.


Q4. You have had a great response considering this is your first release, with some of the world’s biggest DJ’s (A-Trak, Moguai, Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Doorn etc…) playing your record, did you expect the response to be so good?

You can never expect such a good response from the artists we’ve been listening to for years. It makes us very proud and it’s a motivation to keep working and making music.


Q5. You keep your identities a secret, is there any reason for this? I saw someone on Soundcloud had commented suggesting you were Eric Prydz & Steve Angello, is that a big compliment?

We actually never cared much about it, but we always felt that it’s not so important who we are, we want to be known for the music rather than names or faces. And indeed it’s a big compliment to be compared with people like Prydz or Steve who are real hero’s for us.

Q6. Are there already plans in place for the follow up single? Is there anything you can tell us?

Of course there are! That’s just the beginning of what we expect to be a long journey. We’re about to announce the second release date very soon.


Q7. When did you decide to start producing music and what/who inspired you?

Since we can remember we have always wanted to become producers, we’ve grown up listening to electronic music and at some point we thought we should follow our dreams, so after a few years as DJ’s we decided to start working together and built our own studio to make that happen.

It’s not easy to say what or who inspired us, as there are so many kinds of music we like or artists we admire, but any of the ones you mentioned before had an influence on us.


Q8. Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

We see each other doing what we love most, music and DJ shows elsewhere in the world.


Q9. What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ and producer?

DJ Mag has always been a reference for any DJ in the world, not only for the famous list, but for the capacity to spread music around the globe.


Q10. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

We can’t wait to be there and give back all the love we get from you guys! Music is the most universal language in the world so looking forward to meeting you all soon.




CYA was established only last year and the days are still young but already receives support from the top figures in the scene proving their exceptional potential to be one of them in the near future. They frequently update their fans through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but there remains a lot of mystery about the two. It is interesting to see the duo grow and evolve in the scene and what they are going to be doing in the coming 5 or 10 years leading the dance music scene. Stay tuned to their updates.