Only a few years back, Mitchell Vreeswijk and Jan Stadhouders debuted from their hometown Vlaardingen in the South of Holland as LNY TNZ. Since forming a duo and uploading their unique tracks up online, their tracks have been listened by variety of people from the Dance Music scene and received attention straight away. They are now exploring the scene from the stages of Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Summerfestival, Defqon and many other great festivals out there. Last month, they came to Japan for “TOKYO MASSIVE STYLE 1st Anniversary Party feat. LNY TNZ” and was caught on media, making a great impact on the Japanese dance music scene. One of the DJ/Producers upcoming very rapidly in the scene LNY TNZ released a new track and let’s see what they have coming up in their schedules.


Q1.We heard your new track ‘Set You Free’ has just released on Big & Dirty Records. Can you let fans know about the inspiration behind the new track?

Our latest single “Set You Free” is in our opinion a great mix between different ingredients of different styles of music. We have tried to combine some pop influences with trap, hardstyle kicks and future bass. We think this single really turned out to something fresh and we are very lucky that the people seem to like it. We receive a lot of national and international radio support which is great.

We recently also dropped a club mix of “Set You Free” which is a free download on our Soundcloud page. We think this version works better for our live sets. It is a little more rough. Go check it out now!



Q2.2016 was a big year for you with the success of tracks such as ‘Burn It Down’. What would you both say was your highlight of last year?

Burn it Down was definitely one of our highlights of last year. The track did really well on national and international radio. Of course we hoped this, but we really never expected this. So this was a nice surprise! We also released our “FVCK GENRES” EP on Barong Family which did really well. We have travelled a lot of miles and visited a lot of new places. So, 2016 was great and we hope 2017 will be even better!



Q3. What’s in store for 2017? Are there any exciting new projects you can let DJ Mag Japan readers know about?

We just do what we love. We have recently moved to a new complex where we have built three brand new studios and an office space. We listen to a lot of music and try to keep improving our sound every day. For now we are really looking forward to our upcoming tours and our “FVCK GENRES” festival hostings. We will be hosting stages at some major festivals in The Netherlands with some great talents and friends who we work with. “FVCK GENRES” taking over and we will hopefully be hosting a stage at a festival somewhere near you, soon!


Q4. What are your tour plans for the next few months? Any festivals /events lined up you can tell us about?

We just love to come with new, fresh and inspiring music. So, we will definitely come out with some new singles and some more EP’s with more club related material. We just do what we love. It would be great if we can continue to play our music at venues and festivals all over the world. Traveling is fun and we are really blessed that we can play our music in front of thousands of people all over the world.

We are already working on a new single and we have already finished some demos. We are not sure when this will be released. We just have to finish it and feel confident about it. There is a chance we will be back in Japan soon. Just keep an eye on our social media!



Q5. Do you have any cool production tips you can share for aspiring producers looking to improve their skills?

Try to produce as much music as you can and spread it out for free. The most perfect source for this is SoundCloud. This is a great opportunity to gain a fan base. There are a lot of online tutorials which will help you answer your producer questions. Great talent will never be undiscovered. So the key is to work hard, try to spread your music and some artist or label will keep an eye on you.


Q6. Are there any artists in particular you would love to collab with this year?

There are so many great singers and producers out there so it is pretty hard to choose one particular artist to collaborate with. We are a huge fan of Hans Zimmer, who is in our opinion one of the best film score writers out there. We love Max Martin, one of the best pop song producers and we are a huge fan of different artists.

Personally, we love to work with unknown great talented singers. It’s all about the music, voices and chemistry.



Q7. What is DJ Mag to you both as DJ’s and producers? 

We really love DJ Mag. We always get a lot of support whenever we have some new music coming out. So we appreciate the love we get from you guys!


Q8. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan!

We played in Circus Tokyo the first weekend of April. It was just great! From the moment we touched down in Tokyo, there were already some fans waiting for us at the airport. We played on a Sunday and the venue was sold out! The day after we played we got a nice city tour with some of the fans. You guys are so friendly and humble. We really see a lot of online traffic on our socials from Japan, so we see you guys! We just want to say that we love you guys and we love the Japanese food. We hope to be back soon!



Yellow Claw, a DJ/Producer group very popular in Japan, also ranked at #48 in DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs 2016 invited LNY TNZ into joining their Barong Family due to their exceptional career so far. LNY TNZ has been under the spotlight for releasing “Techno ft. Waka Flocka Flame” with Diplo and Yellow Claw as well as remixing Yellow Claw’s hit tack “Till It Hurts feat. Ayden” and can manage hardstyle as well as trap sounds. LNY TNZ working with rappers, vocalists and other DJ/Producers have taught them specific experiences, which resulted them in releasing their “FVCK GENRES”. LNY TNZ are going even harder this year so stay tuned.