Devi van der Horst, also known as NEW_ID is a DJ/Producer who continues to grow and grow in the scene by releasing tracks with great balance of goovy-ness and melody. His effort is supported by players such as Avicii, Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, Kryder and many more, which is understandable as his collab track with Tom Staar “Disappear” has recorded over one million plays straight after release. Let’s hear about the schedule of another individual born in the land of EDM, the Netherlands and his experience in Japan. 


Q1. We heard your new track ‘Aftermath’ with Jesse Kiis is in store on 03/27. Can you tell us more about it? 

It’s a collaboration with my super talented buddy, Jesse Kiis. We really tried to push boundaries with this track. We both worked on it for almost a year. It’s a blend of jazz future but still has the train-house vibe I love. We almost put it in the bin after a while..haha. We had in mind how we wanted it to sound but it was a hard one to nail. But then we let people hear it and they said wtf is this, it’s so crazy you guys need to finish it!, so we did! When I put it in my Axtone Smorgasbord mix the reactions where so overwhelming. There will be two mixes out; one is bit more ‘now’ sounding and we have a VIP mix where there were no compromises. Out of the box drop. Hope you guys like it!




Q2. What other music do you have in store this year?

I have something really special for Axtone coming up, I can’t say too much about it yet but it looks like it will be released before the summer, really excited about that one. I have a track called ‘Falling’ that is ready to release as well, it’s a really funky and feel good tune. Also I’m busy on a remix for Shapov, ‘More Than Love’ for Axtone and I have collaborations with Promiseland, the Cube guys and First Day in the works, it’s all really diverse sounding. From proper house to more funky/jazzy house to ‘proggy’ train house vibes. When I play I like to build and have a journey in the music, so I try to make music for every part of my set.


Q3. Do you still remember your first time in Japan? How was it?

Yeah of course! My first gig was at the Womb.,I tried to stay a bit longer to see more about the culture and of course the amazing food. I went to the Meiji Jingū, that was really impressive. Also to local fish market, Tsukiji. Never saw so many fish in my life. Japan, I really love the vibe there.


Q4. What makes you excited about touring the world?

For me, to meet people with different cultures is a privilege, that’s what makes me excited. Playing your own music in clubs, which you worked so hard on in a dusty dark studio is an amazing feeling, the contrast can’t be bigger. From nerding on your own to share it with so many people, love that. Oh and of course the diversity of food!!



Q5. What is DJ MAG to you as a DJ and Producer.

When I had just started getting into this, I wanted to know everything about dance music. DJ mag is very well known here in Holland. I was that guy that bought all those magazines and checked the dj’s and producers out. It made my heartbeat go faster and made my dream to be a dj/producer bigger. Still i like to check the interviews out. See whats happening in this ever evolving, crazy scene!


Q6. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Japan, your house scene is crazy good and I’m happy I have discovered it over the years. One of my favourite gigs ever was in the Womb last year, the fans are so dedicated. I don’t have any merchandise but people were coming in NEW_ID t-shirts, printed out covers of my releases. That’s crazy! I still know that i played ‘Show Me’ for the first time in Japan and the reaction the crowd gave me gave me goosebumps all over.



NEW_ID just like other DJ/Producers, produces his own, original tracks as well as producing great collab tracks, both adding another flavour in the scene. The summer festival season is almost around the corner and his schedule is already filled with big festivals and club parties. As a fan, you can all party with him in festivals like Tomorrowland Belgium, Aquarius Croatia Zrce Beach, Club Ushuaia, Guaba Beach and also shows in other parts of the world. NEW_ID performed at Womb last year and the Japanese fans cannot wait to rave with him again.