Ashley Wallbridge, a DJ/Producer in the scene who has earned many respects from his fans and other figures, dropped his first album back in 2012, “The Inner Me” and recorded 5th in USA iTunes chart, 9th in Canada and 12th in UK. He signed to the scene’s top label Armada Music last year and now reaching out to a bigger crowd with greatly developed platform. Let’s hear about his new release “Undiscovered feat. Karra” and how he is stepping up in the game.


Q1. You recently released your new track ‘Undiscovered’ feat. Karra. Can you talk us through the production process for this new track? 

After we did melody together early last year we said straight away we need to do a follow up asap, I wrote some chords and put a quick demo together for Karra and literally 2 days later she sent me the topline . There really wasn’t a process, literally throwing ideas at each other and see what works 




Q2. How do you think “Undiscovered” embodies what listeners can expect from you in the near future?

My favorite music has always been Trance and always will be, but these days there are so many different kinds of trance, I think undiscovered will show listens the style im working on at the moment, I have a lot of tracks coming in this style and more 


Q3. Why did you feel Karra’s voice was a good fit for “Undiscovered”? What stands out most to you about her voice? 

Karra is so easy to work with, one of the easiest people iv worked with the whole time I have been in the industry, I reached out to her to see If she was up for working together as after I heard her voice I needed to work with her. She has a unique powerful voice and writes everything herself. She was also new to this kind of sound so it sounds pretty fresh..



Q4. Was there ever a show that you attended as a fan before your career had started that made you want to get into producing and playing as a DJ? 

When I was 14 years old I went to Ibiza with the family, hearing the music and seeing the magic of that island instantly hooked me to music, the following 3 years I went to Ibiza with my family and followed as much as I could with being under age. I saw tiesto for the first time, soon as I got home I was stright into DJing 


Q5. Do you have some specific routines before gjgs?

Hmm, not really, just sit there watching the crowd and seeing how they react to different music and try to get into the mood. I always get really nervous before a show no matter what the size of the gig is. But after a couple of minutes of playing im buzzing hahaha


Q6. What would fans be surprised about to learn about you?

In School I failed music and got no qualifications. I always tried really hard but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get into college or move further with education. I have slight autism, which I have always found helpful with music. I cant read music at all, if any1 ever asks me a question of the scales of music or what key a track should be in etc I wouldn’t have a clue what they are on about. But at the end of the day if your good at something you don’t need a piece of paper telling others that you are qualified to do it, Just do it…



Q7. What’s coming up next for you in early 2017? Any special projects/collaborations coming up that you can share with us?

2017 is going to be my biggest year yet. I just signed a new record deal with Armada music, and also signed 7 singles to them straight away. Got a cool new collab with Andy Moor again, about time we did another track together. Iv gone back to my roots of when I started making music but putting a 2017 twist on them. Most of my sets now are 90% my own music and that’s what iv wanted to do for a long time.


Q8. What does DJ MAG mean to you as a DJ and producer?

DJ mag is pretty important as its known worldwide and makes an impact on the industry. There are not a lot of other magazines in the world, which cover the dance scene like DJ mag does.


Q9. DJ MAG Japan recently started a vote for the Top 100 Clubs. Can you tell us a bit more about your favorite clubs and why?

Hmmm, I think my favorite club iv ever played is Privilege (Ibiza), couple of reasons. Its an iconic club and one of the biggest in the world, I remember I was sick before I played there last time because I was so nervous, The sound system and energy was insane !!!. The quickest 2 hours of my life.

Another amazing club is ‘Omnia’ In san Diego. San Diego is one of my favorite cities in the world, the food, people and nightlife is amazing !!. Every time I play there I have an amazing time and the people who work there always look after me like I am family.

Lastly is ‘Marquee’ Las Vegas, This place is seriously amazing and if you have never been here before you have to check it out !!.


Q10. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Thank you so much for reading and the support. Hopefully I will be able to come to Japan some day, Iv heard so many good things and want to experience them myself. Take it easy guys,

Cheers and beers.



Ashley Wallbridge kick started his caeer with his single “Faces” back in 2009 and he continues to produce exciting music to his fans. He constantly receives official remix offers from the top DJ/Producers such as Avicii, Krewella, Armin Van Buuren, Havana Brown, Gareth Emery and many more, proving his talent and ability to create this industry bigger and bigger. We hope to hear many more Ashley Wallbridge original tracks to be released from Armada and continue to make the crowd go wild.