Amba Shepherd has been introduced on Electro Magazine as “an artist with incredible standards and quality in EDM” and one DMC World, “No.1 voice on the dancefloor”. The Australian singer songwriter has collaborated on Hardwell’s “Apollo” and “United We Are” or with another huge talent Porter Robinson on “Vandalism”, Afrojack’s “The Great Escape”, NERVO’s “Did We Forget” or Tiesto’s “Real Life”, Paul Oakenfold’s “U Are” including many more. Since such incredible collaborations above with the biggest stars in the scene, her name had widely spread around the world very quickly and let us share an interview with her and how she’s keeping up with her busy days and how her life had changed.  


Q1. We heard your “Wide Awake & Dreaming”. Can you tell us more about it?

Sure! This is my second solo record, it’s deep house in genre.  The lyric is about that moment when something you have been dreaming about for a long time is coming true in front of your eyes, that ‘pinch me’ moment! I really wanted to create music that is a hybrid between evoking a kind of peaceful calming feeling but I still love bass and beats, so it has movement and vibe.




Q2. Since you recorded with the likes of Hardwell, Porter Robinson, Afrojack, Tiesto, NERVO, Paul Oakenfold, Laidback Luke and many more, I want to ask you what are differences between collborating with established artists and releasing your own, original content?

I love collaborating and am extremely fortunate to have to worked with so many of the best electronic artists in the world.  Creating my own music is an entirely different process, and that difference is mostly conceptual in nature.  The songwriting process is the same, but it took me a long time to figure out “what do I really have to say and contribute in a meaningful way, above and beyond what I already have contributed to this scene?” That’s a very difficult question.  I don’t believe in bashing out meaningless songs, and a lot of the music industry is geared that way.  I wanted to wait until I had something I knew I could be proud of whether it succeeded or not.



Q3. You have performed in every corner of the world. Do you have any routines before you jump on a stage? 

I always meditate to get centred, there is a lot of drama backstage and a lot of egos, meditation helps me to separate myself from any of that.  I also like to do some yoga during the day, sometimes if you are flying everyday you can get a bit stiff and sore from sitting for so long.  I also have to warm up my vocal chords just before I sing! and I say a little prayer to my grandparents in heaven so their good vibes are with me :)


Q4. Where do you get your inspiration from when working on a new piece of music (lyrics, melody, etc)?

I get my inspiration from everything around me especially people and what difficulties we might be going through as individuals or together.  I like to tell stories that are relevant to me, and hopefully they relate.


Q5. Do you ever find yourself having a creativity crisis? How do you manage to tackle it?

Not really! I am always writing songs it’s a permanent state of being for me.  Also I don’t really believe in ideas being right or wrong there is just a flow that you have too trust as an artist, you have to trust your self and what you like.  



Q6. Please tell us something about your future plans.

Right now I am in LA doing back to back studio sessions with some incredible songwriters and producers over here.  2017 is all about my originals, my next single will be out in April so exciting.  I am also working on a few amazing collaborations and my new live show!


Q7. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan. 

I LOVE you guys! Japan is literally one of my favourite countries in the world & I can’t wait to come back and see you all soon!  Arigatogozaimas! 



Amba Shepherd does not only release tracks collaborating with the biggest players in the scene but she has also released tracks from the top labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Revealed, Armada, Ultra, Protocol, Island Records, EMI, Sony, Musical Freedom and many more. The fact that her tracks have been repeatedly ranked as No.1 on iTunes or Beatport shows how much love she’s receiving from her fans and how they really connect with the artist. Amba Shepherd will continue to produce collab tracks with the top artists but more importantly let’s stay tuned to her original tracks this year.