Mokita managed to widely spread his name to the world through his collab release with Cade “Monopoly”. Mokita has been playing piano since the age of 6 and since then he has been polishing his skills and talent. He eventually decided to enter this dance music industry a year ago. The talent he has been polishing from a very young age has bloomed and it somehow reached to Armada Music and now, he continues to release his original tracks from the top label. In the interview he talked to us about his new release “Heaven” and about his upcoming plans for the year.  


Q1. Your new track Heaven is out today on Armada Music. Can you tell us a bit more about how you went about producing this new track? Where did the initial inspiration come from?

My approach to production is always different depending on the song. There was a basic idea that I had written on piano that I brought into a writing session with my buddy Andrew. I recorded a super basic pad and piano with a minimal drum beat, and then we wrote the whole song to that. I gradually added more elements, but it started from a super basic foundation. 

The initial inspiration of the song really just came from this idea that you could have everything in the world and even feel like you are in heaven, but if the person you love isn’t there to share it with you, then “heaven” becomes a lonely place. 



Mokita - Heaven

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Q2. When did you decide to start producing music and where/who do you get your inspiration from?

I started producing music about a year and a half ago. I really only got into production to demo out songs that I was writing at the time. I started playing piano when I was six, so when I started producing it just seemed to come really naturally. 

Inspiration wise I always looked up to people who were masters of melody. John Mayer’s early stuff really impacted me. Jon Foreman is another massive inspiration for me. He really got me excited about writing music that meant something. 


Q3. We noticed you’re real name is actually John-Luke Carter. Where does the name Mokita come from and what does it stand for?

The name comes from a language called Kivila, and they have this word “mokita”, which means a truth that we all know but agree not to talk about. 


Q4. What would be the best way to describe the Mokita sound?

Because I started on the piano, most of my sound is based on super melodic chord progressions and phrasing. I really just try to create music that makes me feel something. If I had to box it in to something simple I would just call it indie electro pop. 



Q5. Your first track on Armada Music; Monopoly featuring CADE has already reached over 8 million streams on Spotify and has been remixed by a lot of great names like Boehm, Qulinez and Dirtcaps! How does that make you feel?!  

It’s been really incredible to watch the song grow. It’s always hard to know how a song is going to be received, but its been amazing to see people really digging it. 


Q6. How’d you come to work together with CADE on this track and what was this like for you guys? Can we expect more of the two of you in the near future? 

Me and Cade were connected through my manager, who sent CADE over some of my tracks. He ended up top lining one of them and sending back. I was super into the topline he did and then we just communicated through email until the song was finished. I actually didn’t even meet CADE until we shot the music video. Me CADE always work together when I’m in LA or he’s in Nashville, so I’m sure we’ll collab on something again. 


Q7. What does it mean to you personally to sign to Armada Music and why did you feel they were the right fit?  

Armada has been amazing to work with. They’ve really made me feel like a priority at their label, and they’ve also just been super genuine and encouraging. The game changer for me was when I went to Amsterdam to meet the team in person. They are truly some of the nicest and hardest working people I’ve ever met. Super pumped to be apart of their team. 




Q8. What does Mokita have in store for us in 2017? Any exciting new collaborations/gigs/special projects coming up that you are able to share with us?

Lots of new remixes for sure. I’ve been writing non stop for my project since the beginning of the year, so there’s a lot of new material and new collaborations that  I’m stoked about. 


Q9. What does DJ MAG mean to you as an artist?

I’m a massive fan of all types of music and DJ MAG is such massive advocate for dance and electronic, which is the music I love most. I spend a lot of time on the DJ MAG discovering new artists and reading about how different DJs build their live sets and what their creative process is like in the studio. It’s been a super helpful resource for me as a musician. 


Q10. What would you like to say to your followers in Japan?

Thanks you so much for listening to the music ! Follow my instagram and twitter @thisismokita to stay updated on new music!



Mokita has only been in this industry for a very short time compared to others and have only started to produce a year ago but because of his musical talent and polished skills, he has managed to sign with the top label, Armada Music. His potential is limitless and he has only just begun a new journey sharing his musical creativity to the world. We should all be excited for his new release “Heaven” from Armada Music and more is yet to come. Let’s stay tune to Mokita and his upcoming releases and how he is going to create a bigger buzz in the near future.


Mokita - Heaven

On Sale at Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music and so on