Hailing from the Eastern Europe cultural hub of Bucharest, Boehm has quickly made a name for himself in Melodic and Tropical House circles.

The widespread appeal of his music can be found everywhere from Tiesto’s weekly podcast – Club Life Radio (where his remix for Tiesto & Martin Garrix premiered on Sirius XM) to your local Starbucks in-store playlist (where his remix of Urban Cone & Tove Lo will be integrated worldwide for the month of August). 


Q1. You recently released your new track “Let's Give It A Shot”. Where did the initial inspiration for this track come from?

I remember I received a few demos from Brandyn's team a few months ago with this track included. Originally the track was called “Holiday” but after I finished the song, I suggested changing the name to "Let's Give It A Shot.” There were several good ideas in the pack that I received but this one stood out from the start. It had somethig that inspired me and gave me goosebumps right from the begining. The first sketch was more of a pop song but I was convinced that I could turn it into a pop-dance banger and I am very happy about the final product. :)



Q2. What was the production process like getting it to the final track we hear today?

I've known Brandyn for more than one year now. I remixed some songs that featured him both as a single artist and as a part of Cosmos & Creature. I always liked his voice and I think that he is unique. He has a nice and warm voice and I've always wanted to do a track with him. Although we know each other from messaging each other online, we never met in person but thanks to the internet nowadays that's not a problem. So the production was made in the same conditions, via internet, going back and forth till everybody was happy about the track. And I really think we did a great job and hope to work together on some more projects in the future.


Q3. What do you personally consider to be the most important moment in your artistic career so far?

Well I think that having a collaboration with Steve Aoki and Walk The Moon after only a year and half from the begining of this project was the most important moment in my career so far. Also playing at Ushuaia Ibiza last year was another major step forward in this journey of mine.



Q4. In 2016 you also produced a track together with Steve Aoki! How did this collaboration come about? What was it like to work with him?

This collaboration came out form nowhere. I wasn't expecting or dreaming for this thing to happen so fast for me. I remember my manager called me in the middle of the night in the summer of 2015 just to tell me that he played this rough demo of mine to Steve at Tomorrowland and Steve immediately wanted to work together on this demo. Thanks again to the internet everything happened very easy. I sent to Steve my stems and after only 3 days he already had a new version. He brought his touch to the production, put his energy and style into the track and that's it. After that we went back and forth for about one month tweeking the right sounds and made different changes to the structure till everybody was happy.


Q5. Can we expect more collaborations like this to happen in the near future? 

Of course. I already have two major collaborations in my pocket but this time with major pop artists. I've made a lot of friends in the dance community lately so any collaboration could happen at any time. :)


Q6. What does 2017 hold in store for you? Any upcoming releases or touring plans that you can share with us?

A lot of new music coming from me this year. I am concentraing more on original tracks rather than remixes but I can asure you that it will be a busy year with a lot of new music. You will hear a new Boehm track every 6-8 weeks so you better be prepared. :)



Q7. Going back a little, when did you decide to start producing music? and where/who do you get your inspiration from?

I’ve been producing music since I was a little boy. I think I made my first beat when I was 12 with a small keyboard Casio Rapman and a homemade mixer done by my father. I started producing hip hop beats, then I discovered electronic music and now here I am. My dad had a big influence on me when I was little, playing to me a lot of great music from Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake & Palmer to BB King or Otis Reading so I discovered music little by little. I've never thought about where my inspiration came to me. I just put my hands on the keyboard and let it happen.


Q8. DJ MAG recently started a vote for the "Top 100 Clubs". Can you tell us a bit more about your favorite clubs and why?

Miami has an unique vibe. I played at Story and the experience was truly amazing. I can say that US clubs are very different form the European ones. I think that in US you can play a lot of different styles in the same set, you can build up a story however you like, jumping from one chapter to another without any restriction. When in Europe, you have to stick mainly to only one genre. Depending on the club, if you are starting with deep house for example, you stick to deep house the entire set. The vibes are different but both markets create great memories. I can't wait to play in Asia and discover its vibe sometime soon!



Q9. What does DJ MAG mean to you as a DJ and producer?

I’ve been following DJ Mag for a lot of years now. I remember the year when Tiesto bacame the #1 DJ in the world for the first time and I always dream about being featured in the magazine. I hope to enter the DJ MAG top 100 someday which would be like a dream come true. On the other hand, DJ MAG remains the #1 magazine for electronic music in my opinion. Legends!


Q10. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

I can't wait to meet them face to face and feel their energy. Till then, I promise them a lot of new tracks so we will be connected thru music. Love you all!



Boehm’s tracks are played at different cities and countries around the world. He is supported by a lot of artists as well as his fan bases around the globe. Top players who we frequently see in DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs such as Steve Aoki, NERVO, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike offer him for an official remix. The expectations are raised and we hope to see more hit releases and projects from the new comer.