Yves V is one of the big players who joins the biggest EDM festival, Tomorrowland year after year and delivers his own world to the fans. In 2014, he got into the DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs ranking and in 2016, he was ranked as 62nd place, proving himself to be a world class DJ/Producer. He continues to go global and also released tracks with Japanese title like “Manga” and “Umami”, emphasizing on his feelings towards Japan. Check out below for the exclusive interview with Yves V.  


Q1. Thanks for speaking to us Yves V, how has your 2017 been so far?

Thanks for having me! It’s been great, I welcomed in the new year Yangon and before that I had some time off before Christmas in Sri Lanka – beautiful places to recharge for 2017. So far I’m home in Belgium and working on new tracks, I have a few European dates coming up but it’s nice to get back in the studio!


Q2. We heard your recent track ‘Condor’ on Armada. Can you tell us more about the track?

I wanted to make an upbeat, positive track to release near the end of the year. I wanted ‘Condor’ to have no vocals like some of my other tracks last year, to be instrumental only and let the music take the spotlight. It had a great response in 2016!



Q3. Your hit ‘Out Of Gravity’ also reached 1 million streams on Spotify – how did that feel? And how important are streaming numbers to you as an artist?

I’m so happy everyone is enjoying the track! ‘Out Of Gravity’ was a production I made with Swanky Tunes and really had crowds moving during my sets. Streaming is great, even free levels of streaming which have some limits or adverts are great, fans can access your music from anywhere in the world with an internet connection – it is the future of listening on-demand and it is here right now.



Q4. What do you think of Japanese culture? How was your last show here?

I always enjoy playing shows in Japan. Ele Tokyo over a year ago was memorable, the venue has this super-cool criss cross design outside on the building, like a big crazy net, the crowd were responsive as well. The culture is great, I visited the Meiji Temple, beautiful, and the Maid Café – haha, that was an experience!


Q5. When can we expect to hear new music from Yves V?

Very soon! I’ve been working hard, lots of meetings, not too much longer to wait!


Q6. Where would you like to visit this year as an artist and why? Is it somewhere you’ve played before or somewhere completely new?

Australia – because I have never been!



Q7. Tell us about V Sessions.

V Sessions is a concept that I put together. It is a radio show where I play new music and tracks that I’m enjoying at the moment, we also host events like our V Sessions parties out in Ibiza and V Sessions has hosted a stage at Tomorrowland every year since 2013. It lets me invite friends and DJs/ Producers to join in with my vision and create a great environment for our audience to be in.


Q8. As one of only two mainstage residents of Tomorrowland, can we expect to see you hosting your own stage at the festival again this year?

Yes – we have some ideas already!


Q9. What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ and producer?

DJ Mag is one of the most important medias on the planet for what we do and for the fans. The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll is also very significant and to be included in the poll these past two year has been amazing, I’m really grateful to be a part of this movement.


Q10. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan!

Thanks for all the support! I hope to come back to Japan soon and see you all at a show in 2017!



A resident of Tomorrowland make sure he excites his fans with every release he drops and manage to do so. His very own “V Session” receives great support from his fans and it is aired in over 30 countries around the world. We will be seeing him at Tomorrowland again, and we also hope to see him perform for the Japanese fans very soon. Let’s hope for the best and see how Yves V is going to make the crowd go wild this year.