Anish Sood is possibly one of the pioneers in the Indian dance music scene and he has also performed as the warm up DJ for David Guetta’s show and he’s expanding globally. His recent release “Superfly” was ranked 3rd in the Indian iTunes chart and people have recognised his talent starting from India and other places around the world. He’s performed for David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Axwell and more proving his worth and let see what he has to say to his new release and about his upcoming shcedule this year.


Q1. We heard your new track “Don't Stop”. Can you tell us more about your new production?

Don’t Stop is a collaboration with LA-based singer/songwriter Charlie Sputnik. The track has a pop/dance crossover vibe and I’ve tried to keep the production really fresh and minimal with a funky bassline and guitar solo on the drop.



Q2. Why did you decide to work with Charlie Sputnik?

I got in touch with Charlie through his manager who sent me a vocal idea he’d written and I was instantly attracted to his bright vocals the catchy songwriting. We connected over email and instantly clicked during the songwriting process which made things very easy since we’re both located in two completely opposite timezones.



Q3. How was your 2016? What was the best experience of the past year?

2016 was a fantastic year! I think the best experience was NYE a few days ago where I was playing the MainStage at Sunburn Festival in Pune in the evening. After that I jumped onto a private jet and flew to my hometown in Goa to bring in 2017 at a massive beach party. It was really hectic and tiring but an incredible experience overall.



Q4. What inspires you the most when you are working on new productions?

Great chords and hooks. I always begin my tracks by writing basic drums and bassline and a hook. I think it’s really important to have a hook in your tracks, whether it’s a vocal or a synth or even a drum sample.


Q5. Which other artists inspire your sound the most?

It keeps changing on a daily basis to be honest, there’s so much incredible music out there. Some of my constant inspirations are Zhu, Disclosure and Bondax.




Q6. What’s coming up next in 2017?

My number one priority in 2017 is to finish and release the album in the first half of the year. Once that’s done I’m going to work on album launch tour to promote it with a string of dates in India and around the world.


Q7. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

I’ve never visited your amazing country but really hope to be there soon! I’ve been in love with Japanese food, design and sake for a while now and can’t wait to experience it all first hand :)



Anish Sood is one of the busiest Indian DJ/Producer in the scene and goes to approximately 100 gigs a year and plays main stage for festivals and sold out shows. His performance and position in the scene seems to be getting better as he progresses and he’s preparing to go bigger this year. A 16-year-old boy started to DJ from pure excitement and now is travelling the world still chasing the same dream. Let’s hope to see him tour in Japan as well.