Sem Vox is everywhere, with tracks supported by Diplo, Afrojack, Martin Garrix and many more there is no doubt left. His years of experience in making people dance are widly respected and praised upon. Rocking stages on festivals like Creamfields and Mysteryland is something that goes naturally for him. When he isn't flying around the world playing alongside artists like Skrillex and Martin Garrix, he also runs Don’t Let Daddy Know as one of it's founders. Together with the renowned label Armada Music, he recently started with #DLDK Music where he released fresh tracks like Get It Up and Love Runs Out. 


Q1. We heard your new track “Identity” is stored on 9th of December. Can you tell us more about your new track?

That’s right. Recently I locked myself up in the studio to focus on new music. For me it’s important to have my own sound and surprise my fans every few months with new tracks like ‘Identity’. The meaning behind this track is that everybody matters, everybody has an own identity. When playing my tracks at festivals I always get goose bumps seeing so many types of people with different identities that are united and share their love for music with each other.



Q2. What was the best experience of this year?

This year was amazing with many experiences and shows all over the world. For example, all the Don’t Let Daddy Know parties were absolutely crazy. I released a lot of new music on my label DLDK Music. My tracks ‘Get It Up’ and ‘Never Let You Go’ also have their own music videos, which I really like.


Q3. I heard you started with playing guitar and piano from the age of 6. Why did you decide to be DJ?

I started making music at a very young age. When I was seventeen years old, I began organizing club nights in Amsterdam with a friend of mine. At that time, DJs became more and more popular in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. There were so much more possibilities as a DJ, it really attracted me to move a crowd with music and give them a good time during their night out.


Q4. Who or what is the most musically influenced to you? If so, why is that? 

Axwell influenced me the most musically. He is an inspiring DJ and producer with energetic and emotional tracks. During the period of The Swedish House Mafia he proved to be one of the best producers in the world. He is one of the reasons for me to change my genre to EDM music some years ago instead of eclectic.  


Q5. As a well-known you played in all the important Dutch clubs and important festivals in the Netherlands, do you have some routines before gigs? If so, what is that?

I like to have a couple of drinks and hang out with friends and family before heading to the stage. Sometimes I also sit down by myself and make some last-minute changes to my set.  


Q6. What have been the new frontiers for you this year?

This year I was mostly focusing on making new music and expanding Don’t Let Daddy Know with new destinations like India and Macau. Besides that, I did shows at major festivals in the Netherlands and club nights from the UK to Japan. Next year will be even busier with more international bookings!


Q7. What would fans be surprised to learn about you?

I sometimes play surprise sets at local clubs in Amsterdam!


Q8. What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ and producer?

DJ Mag is one of the most important media platforms for the dance industry. I like the relevant and interesting articles.


Q9. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Japan is a great country with a nice dance culture. I am super exited to announce that I will be coming back to Japan sooner than you might think. Be sure to check out my socials for updates!


 Sem Vox constantly receives supports from Top DJs in the world and in 2016 summer, he performed at Womb, Tokyo and he's loved by Japanese. Don't forget to follow up his updates on SNS and he's definitely going to surprise you all like he does in Amsterdam!