A newcomer Trio unit, Cheat Codes debuted only last year but proved to the world their ability and skill by releasing “Hold On” with Moguai from Spinnin’ Records and “Sex” with Kris Kross Amsterdam. Not only that but they’ve managed to be ranked as 18th on DJ Mag 2016 Top 100 DJs. They’ve toured with one of the hottest in the scene now, The Chainsmokers and are likely to do well not just in US but also other places around the world. Let us share the interview between us and Cheat Codes on their new release “Queen Elizabeth” and how they see DJ Mag.


Q1. We heard your new track “Queen Elizabeth” is stored on 4th of November. Can you tell us more about your new track? What inspired you guys to make this track?

This track is about that girl next door that you would do anything for! We did our first European tour recently and played in London and thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between the actual queen Elizabeth and the girl next door.



Q2. How did you guys decide to make a team together?

We all came together in LA after doing separate musical projects from different genres. Matt was in a Rock band, Trevor did Acoustic music, and Kevi used to rap! We all felt limited by the respected genres we were in and wanted to start a project that we could incorporate all kinds of music into one! Thus Cheat Codes was formed! We love the fact that every song can be different, we can sing on the track, or we can feature another vocalist, or write the vocals and collab with another DJ or producer on the track. The creative possibilities are very flexible!  


Q3. Who or what is the most musically influenced to you? If so, why is that?

Honestly we just love good music from all genres. We grew up listening to classics such as the Beatles and we really respect high quality songs. Songs that can stand on their own without fancy production necessarily. When we start a new song we usually write the entire song with just piano or guitar chords. If the song is catchy enough without anything behind it than we move forward and add all of the bells and whistles!


Q4 What do you personally consider to be the most important moments in your artistic career?

That’s a good question! We think every day is a new opportunity to create your masterpiece. I can't stress enough how much we believe in being present in our daily lives, not thinking too much about the past, and just keeping it moving. It is amazing to us however to see our song "SEX" going platinum in so many European countries and getting to hear our music on the radio overseas. Something we've wanted since we started this project and it’s become a reality! 


Q5. What would fans be surprised to learn about you?

We have a shaman named Harry Paul who helps us stay on track Spiritually and Mentally. ;) 


Q6. What do you have coming up next?

New songs new videos and new collaborations! All will be revealed shortly!


Q7. What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ and producer?

It’s an amazing resource to anyone who loves music. I also think it creates friendly competition in the industry which is great for the fans. Every one of us is trying to discover new ways to push ourselves to the next level.


Q8. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan. 

To all of our fans in Japan we'd like to say Anata no kokoro no heiwa kokoro no heiwa to ai. We hope to perform in Japan very soon!


These 3 guys, Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl and Kevin Ford originally worked separately but decided to form a group and surprisingly ended up becoming one of the hottest DJ/Producers in the scene with very little time. Since their debut single “Visions”, their fans increased rapidly and continuously resulting them in 55 million plays on Spotify, 15 million plays on YouTube and the figures are still increasing. Cheat Codes are going to prove their worth and become even more bigger in the upcoming years and can’t take an eye off them.


Cheat Codes - Queen Elizabeth

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