KSHMR has been constantly producing hit songs not only created by himself but also collaborating with other artists and have managed to be ranked as 12th in 2016 DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs. His story from California has made him the person he is being respected by fans and superstar DJs. In 2014, he begun as the hip hop producer duo called "The Cataracs". It only took a year for a talented individual to start from a track collaborating with DallasK called "Burn" and to come up in the ranking. Let us share the interview with him.


What inspired you to create this track “Extreme” with Bassjackers?

The Bassjackers are my good friends. Ralph was in LA and came over to try some new ideas, he pulled up the vocal for Extreme and instantly I fell in love. I had just discovered a flute with really interesting quirks in its tone: the way it glided between notes and squeaked on certain phrases. So we used that and found a melody for the drop that fit the vibe.


It seems like your music taste has changed compared to “Invisible Children feat. Tigerlily”. Why is that? 

It is not that my taste has changed, only that my taste is broad and I have but one song at a time to communicate that.


Was it any different working with Bassjackers compared to other artists as they’re your friends?

Absolutely. Working with friends makes the creative process more enjoyable. And the creative process suffers greatly when you're not enjoying it. 


We also heard your new track ‘Invisible Children’ is stored on 5th of September. We also heard the track was inspired by India and slum kids. Can you tell us more about your new track?

The inspiration was imagining a group of friends who are street kids in India, and what their theme song would sound like. My parents sent me to Delhi to live with my grandparents and I saw kids like that. Very clever, very sharp but also having a bit of a darker, rougher side that can probably be contributed to their conditions.


You have visited Japan. Can you share your impression of Japan? What was the most surprising or impressive experience? Something within your expectation?

Like many countries it bears a rich historical culture... But Japan is unique in that it is exploding with new technology, music, games, all the things of today's world. Often, visiting other countries is about peering into their past. But to visit Japan is to visit the future.


How do you get the inspiration from when producing music?

Listening to good music taps into our emotions, our experiences. Making music is the same, pushing until those feelings surface. Also, my taste in music is very broad and I think having the ability to recall and invoke elements of great melodies from diverse places has helped a lot in writing my own.


Who or what is the most musically influenced to you? If so, why is that?

The Beatles, they were incredibly adventurous at the time and their melodies remain peerless to this day. 


As well-known international DJ and producer, I wonder what made you decide to become a music producer especially in electronic in the beginning. What was your motive?

I produced many styles of music before KSHMR. Starting this project and entering the world of dance music was a bit like starting fresh. I had to learn a whole new set of skills but it also empowered me to experiment and feel excited about music again. Dance music is the genre most open to experimentation I believe. 


What do you have coming up next tour, new track… etc?

My newest song "Extreme" with the Bassjackers and Sidnie Tipton. I made it with my friends and that's always a good thing.


What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ and producer?

DJ Mag gives insight into other artists from our genre and see how they work and think.


Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

I still remember playing in Japan and seeing the signs people made, hearing about the songs they liked and I was in awe that people from such an amazing culture would have a little a space in it for me. So thank you.


When we asked KSHMR about what's the most essential skill as s DJ and he answered "the spirit to never forget to prepare". It's easy nowadays to listen to songs online but for KSHMR, it's important that fans and people feel the sound and vibe he creates. KSHMR heavily values the process of preparation in order to create such vibe and atmosphere for his audiences. He's definitely one of the hottest DJs now and there's a lot to expect from him in the coming years.


Bassjackers & KSHMR – ‘Extreme’

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