French born DJ and producer Tom Tyger has been grabbing everyone's attention lately. This world famous DJ has not only gained the approval of Nicky Romero, who is actively working in Protocol Recordings, but he has also released a variety of tracks with many renowned labels including, Flamingo Recordings which is owned by Fedde Le Grand, who ranked #35 on DJ Mag's list of TOP100DJs in 2015, Laidback Luke's Mixmash and Sosumi's label Kryder. DJ Mag Japan questioned him about his future activities.


Q1. You guys just released new track called “Mamo” on 29th of August with Protocol Recordings. How could you explain about this track with one simple sentence?

Fresh music done for clubs and festivals.


Q2. How did you guys start collaborating this track and how was the process? Is there any other music that you guys are working together now?

Flo sent me the first idea of the drop, I reworked the lead and added some new elements. The first final version was done really quickly but next it took us something like 6 months to finished it because we wanted to do something fresh and different.


Q3. How do you get the inspiration from when producing music?

Personally I have to say that sport helps me a lot.



Q4. How was working with Nicky Romero and Protocol Recordings?

I already released 4 tracks on the label and I love to work with the Protocol crew. They are helpful, knowledgeable, professional and it’s all about having fun.


Q5. Where do you see yourself and your music in a few years from now?

I would love to work for the film industry and also for the fashion industry.


Q6. Is there any specific question that you’d like to answer during your interview, but no one haven’t asked you yet? If so, let us know the question and your answer here?

Could you live in Japan? I would love to live there.



Q7. What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ and Producer? Any comments for DJ Mag Japan especially?

DJ Mag is a real reference in the Djing market and I love it because Dj Mag always tried to stay open minded and never focused on only one part of this world. Big shout to DJ Mag Japan for all the great work and for the support.


Q8. Please leave a message to Japanese fans.

I hope to see all my japanese fans and friends soon because Asia is the future!


It was 2011 when people began regarding 'Tom Tyger' as a remarkable DJ/producer. That year was extra special for him. He successfully spread his music across the world and continues to excite and impress his fans within the EDM scene. He has collaborated with famous DJ's such as Fedde Le Grand, Laidback Luke, Bob Sinclar, Sebastian Ingrosso and Benny Benass and his popularity continues to grow. We should keep our eyes on Tom Tyger who has grabbed the attention of the EDM scene.