Ranked #66 on the DJ Mag TOP 100 DJs in 2015, the Dutch duo, Firebeatz, are easily one of the most exciting acts on the list. Tim Benjamin Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar met in class at a music academy years ago and eventually joined forces to become Firebeatz in 2008. Since starting out, they have created hit songs like “Dear New York”, “Here We F*cking Go” and “Helicopter” and garnered huge support among dance music lovers. This DJ duo is continuing to be a force in the industry and their popularity is surging with every appearance on the festival circuit. DJ Mag Japan had the fortunate opportunity to interview Firebeatz and find out more about their new releases and much more.


Q1. Firebeatz played at Electric Zoo Beach in Tokyo last May. And only few months after, you already have another gig planned in Tokyo this September. How did you enjoy your last event in Tokyo? How are you preparing for this new show?

"Electric Zoo was our first time in Japan and we absolutely loved it!! The crowd is amazing and it's a beautiful country so we can't wait to be back in September. This time we're doing a club show in Ele Tokyo, looking forward!"


Q2. We heard that you two guys met at the art school. What kind of school was it and how did you guys decide to make a team together?

Yes, we met each other at the Rock Academy which had a class for producing. It was a very small class and one of the first assignments was to team up with a class mate and so we started working on a project which worked out pretty good and from there on we started Firebeatz!!


Q3. When did you get into music and how could you put an idea into action in the beginning?

We both have different musical backgrounds but we were infected with music from a very early age and started exploring that until we both decided to make music ourselves. In the beginning you just try to work out a lot of ideas and make a lot of hours in the studio to get more experience...


Q4. During your career, you've been working together with many different and also well-known artists for your music. How did it effect on your own music creation?

It is always great to collaborate with other artists because you can all learn from each other and most of the times it's also good for the creative process.


Q5. Dutch DJs have influenced in the music scene very much. We start wondering if culture or education in Dutch may effects on your music. What do you think?

The Netherlands is a small country where there is lots of competition, so you have to work very hard to get noticed. There are also lots of opportunities to play plus the Dutch mostly all help each other in their careers. It's just a real positive environment for DJs and producers.


Q6. Are you working on new tracks lately? Could you tell us what's your theme or inspiration of new music this time?

We are working on new material that will be a lot more diverse musically and tempo wise. We have been working hard in the studio in LA for example to make new material wich we are planning to release soon!


Q7. What is DJMag to you guys as a DJ and producer?

It's cool to be in the list but not very important for us as professionals. In the end for us it's about the music and the fans. This is a fun extra.


Q8. TOP100DJs voting started in Japan from this year. Would you like to leave a message for your fans and voters in Japan?

Japan and especially Tokyo is a very special place to us. We love the country and the people in it! We want to thank everybody that have supported us along the way and we are grateful for all the positive messages you guys have sent us! Make sure you vote for your favourite artists this year! :)


Analyzing the atmosphere of a crowd and feeling the vibe of the audience is the most important skill for any successful DJ, Firebeatz explained to us. Their songs are melodically beautiful and at the same time intriguing to the listener. Dance music is one of the fastest-growing genres in the music industry right now, and you should make a point of being at the stage when Firebeatz perform to witness the energy and excitement they bring to the scene.



Firebeatz & Fafaq - Sir Duke

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