DJMag: We want to hear more about your new release. How's people's reaction around you?

FTampa: When I first played "Stay" was an amazing unexpected experience. This happened during my Tomorrowland Brazil set, no one knew the song yet and still was amazing reaction. Since then, I've been playing in all my sets and its always one of the best moments of the show.


DJMag: Your music sounds like full of energy all the time, do you think it is something to do with you as Brazilian?

FTampa: For sure it has some influence, I've been working on songs that has a lot of energy since my band days. It's really exciting to see people jumping and screaming while dancing to my songs. However, I've been also working on different types of sounds now and I can't wait to share with you guys.


DJMag: You made a great leap in the industry since your debut. What made you achieve that you think?

FTampa: Passion, persistence, study hard, work hard. I think that anyone with those qualities can achieve whatever they want. It's not easy but thats the fun part, it's all about challenges and overcoming yourself.


DJMag: What is your first impression of Japan? Is there anything you feel related to Japan? If so, why is that?

FTampa: I got really impressed my first time in Tokyo. Love the city, the culture and the people! Man I will be honest, I love the culture! Japanese people are so friendly, just like brazilian people and every time I see someone from Japan I feel really comfortable to talk. I have a big oriental tattoo in my right arm and I have nothing but respect for the japanese culture! 


DJMag: What is your view about DJ Mag as an artist?

FTampa: I feel that DJ Mag is a great platform to inform people about what is going on in the electronic music scene and helps to promote a lot of businesses and DJs. The top100 DJ Mag rank is very famous and heavily used as guidance for a lot of the EDM industry people. It's important to remind that this rank does not define who is better than who, not everyone is competing.


DJMag: Please leave a message to Japanese audience.

FTampa: Japan, thank you so much for all your support and I can't wait to be there partying with you. There is a lot of new music coming and I will always keep exclusive ones for my shows!! See you soon!



FTampa『Stay feat. Amanda Wilson』

On Sale at Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music from 15th of July, 2016