TOP100DJs #43 an Italian duo VINAI released their newest track "Into The Fire feat. Anjulie" recently. They are going back to Japan this summer. We know that a lot of Japanese clubbers love their BigRoom Bounce Sounds! Their new track is also supported by David Guetta, Steve Aoki, we believe that they will show us more of their talent! DJMAG.JP talked with VINAI about their summer plans and new track...


Q1. We heard that VINAI will spin at Summer Sonic 2016 which is one of the biggest music festival in Japan. Could you tell us how exciting this is for you?

We are super excited! We can’t wait to come back to Japan and play at this big festival. We're feeling super proud to be part of this big event.


Q2. VINAI is getting very popular in Japan right now. What is your impression ​of the Japanese audience?

Japanese fans are probably one of our favorite audiences in the whole world. Overtime we do a show in Japan the crowd is amazing. The people in Japan are so nice and respectful to us. They scream and cry when they see us. It’s always a big pleasure to be in Japan and have fun with the crowd. 


Q3. Is there any other event you're looking forward to spinning this Summer? If so, what's the reason?​

This summer we are playing basically everywhere, from North America, to Asia, to Europe. Probably the most important show this summer is Tomorrowland in Belgium.


Q4. We believe that VINAI's new track "Into the Fire" will be a big hit. Could you tell us where you got the inspiration for this track?

We were in Los Angeles on the beach and we were singing a melody all day. When we went back to our hotel room we were playing around in ableton with some notes… It was so funny, because in like 3 days we basically set up the whole song idea. Right after that tour we went home and straight into our studio and the song was done… Boom! That was magical!


Q5. What's your view about DJ Mag as an artist?

As An artist DJ Mag is very important. It’s such an honor to make it into the Top100 Worldwide DJ Chart. We feel so proud of and thankful for our fans and every single person that voted for us!


Q6. Please leave a message to Japanese audience.

Japan, you guys know how much we love you! <3 We can’t wait to party together with you again on August 20 and 21 at Summersonic and give you a crazy show as always :)


We received two video messages from Alessandro and Andrea this week. You can check them on DJMag Japan Twitter!!


VINAI『Into The Fire feat. Anjulie』

Out Now!!