Much as your Dad has elevated himself to legendary status in dance music over the years, you’re working hard making the same waves in the EDM world. Collaborations and support from the likes of AfroJack and Hardwell helped cement your ascension to fame but it’s been your singles that have really showcased your musical musings; ‘Flute’ with New World Sound saw serious amounts of airtime and Billboard’s CODE claimed ‘Pallaroid’ as the highlight of Tomorrowland 2014.

Here’s some focus on Japan, your development as an artist and your upcoming plans -


Q. You’ve played in Japan quite a few times now, in Tokyo, Sapporo and Fukuoka. You’re playing a as headline and do you have any special preparations for a show like this?

A. I do not have a specific preparation for a show like this. Most of the time I try to interact with the crowd, so there is basically nothing to prepare. It always depends on the crowd; I play what I think they want to hear, like new music for example.


Q. Starting out at a young age; were you old enough to drink when you played your first gig?

A. Actually my first International gig was one in France. At that time I was 18 years old, so yes I was allowed and old enough to drink in Europe and Asia that time. Although I was not allowed to drink in the United States when I was that age.


Q. What’s it like to be a younger DJ touring in this day and age? Any Pros? Or Cons?

A. I think at the age that I am right now (21 years old) I am supposed to do the normal things in life like studying and ordinary things like that. I am very grateful to the life I've been given, so actually that is already a big pro for me. Besides that I think touring as a whole is a really time- and energy-consuming job to do and you have to stay focused on the end goals all the time. I'm still young so I learn new things everyday, which I think is a big pro.

The downside of being on the road all the time is that I can't spend as much time as I want with my friends and family. I think it's really important in life to be close with the people you love and do thing with them such as celebrating Christmas or going to a New Years Eve party with my friends. These are the things I would love to do more often if I had the choice. Another con of touring at this age is that there is a lot of pressure going on now and then, which is hard to handle sometimes. Especially when I'm making music or traveling it can be tough. Luckily I have a lot of people around me who care about me and they get me through the difficult times.


Q. You’ve collaborated with your Dad before with the track ‘Jaguar’, any further plans to create together?

A. Actually it's funny that you use the word 'Together', because that is the latest track I made together with my Dad featuring RUMORS. We've already talked about some future plans, but we don’t have any specific plan at the moment. Right now I'm focusing on my own career and as far as the concerns go about me and my Dad; we'll see what the future brings us.


Q. How did you start producing, - do you use Logic or Ableton and which do you prefer?

A. I've been producing for about 7 years right now. From the beginning until now I use Logic and I'm not planning to change that, I think.


Q. Being related to the mighty Marco V, do you find you get a lot of comparisons drawn between you both? Any friendly rivalry there?

A. Of course there are some comparisons between the two of us, because he is my Dad. Music wise I think we both have the same groovy characteristics. Maybe because that’s in our blood, I don't know.


A. You played with your Dad at Cats Tokyo, as well as it's a Ship in Singapore whereas this time you play solo.  What’s the difference between your solo style and your B2B style?

Q. When I'm playing solo I think I play a lot more energetic. My Dad likes to play really groovy, which I also like, but sometimes I have to play more EDM-like music when I'm playing solo. Besides that I play a lot more of my own tracks when I'm performing on my own.


A. Summer is nearly upon us, are there any new releases from you we can look forward for the festivals this summer? 

Q. I have 2 new tracks coming up on Hardwell's label Revealed Recordings. One track I made together with Magnificence, with whom I made the previous tracks 'Blackwolf' and 'Blizzard', so I'm really excited to release that one! The other track, which will be released this summer, is together with Manse. I have never released a track with Manse before so that is an exciting thing for the near future.


Q. We’ve have heard rumours of Ibiza plans for you this summer – care to comment on them?

A. I Would love to comment on that and would love to confirm the rumors, but I cannot at the moment. Ibiza is a really nice place to play and a lot of good things are going on in Ibiza. It's always fun to go back to that place again.


Q. What’s been the best Japanese food you've eaten so far and where was it?

A. Actually, yesterday we went for dinner to a DIY beef grill restaurant, named Gyubei. It was the first time I ate something like this in Japan and it was delicious!


Q. Finally a message for your Japanese fans?

A. Have fun this week and don't party too hard!