Q1. We heard your new track “Baby”. Can you tell us more about your new track?

This song was finished last year, my friend Nick came to China on tour last year, and we spent our spare time in my studio making music, so we have this song, and of course another song, which is now a secret, will be released at the end of this year. I really enjoy making music with my friends because it's boring to be alone, you know. People have more ideas together. I am good at many types of music, so I can well integrate into others' styles.


Q2. How is 2020 for you so far? Please let us know if there was any change in your artist life after the outbreak of COVID-19.

The year 2020 is very bad for me, and for the world. 

First of all, my hometown is Wuhan, Hubei Province. Then I lived in the worst-hit area. What our whole city went through at that time was unimaginable. We couldn't get out of the house. We were very short of supplies. We were very scared. But I was very lucky, because of the importance our great motherland attached to this disaster, together with the unity of all Chinese people, we soon returned to normal life. I also hope that the world can return to normal as soon as possible and let the world free from pain.

COVID-19 has made me pay more attention to my family, and a happy life with my family is the most important thing!

It changed my music career a lot. First of all, we couldn't perform during the epidemic, so we basically wrote songs at home. Because I'm a singer myself, I made an album during the epidemic, but it was all pop songs, and I wrote about how I felt during the epidemic. Because I think music can give people strength and hope, so I hope to use my songs to bring some comfort to everyone.

At the same time, during the epidemic, Together with my other good friend, Bobina, a top 100 DJ from Russia, We made a song that I like very much, "China in the House", which is a song about my country. I think this is a very appropriate time to release. Because this is a very powerful song, but also represents a spirit that we do not give up!



 Q3. Why is your artist name “Atom Panda”? Please tell us about your unknown story.

In fact, I am a cartoon fan, I like a lot of cartoons! Astro Boy is one of them, because I grew up watching it. When I was a child, I always fantasized that I had a robot with many powerful superpowers. And then the atom is a very powerful element, just like my music. The panda is a national treasure of our country. It represents a kind of uniqueness. I also want to be a unique musician. So I decided to use the name Atom Panda. Then I'll tell you a little secret, actually I have a virtual image, also based on my name to make.


Q4. What would fans be surprised to learn about “Atom Panda”?

 Because I am not only a DJ, DJ is just my one profession, besides I am also a singer, so you will see myself singing in my live. I like to learn new things, so my music is always improving. I have also been trying to make some different music for everyone. In the meantime, I'll probably bring my virtual artist along for the rest of the show. There will be more different scene to bring to people


Q5. What should we be expecting from “Atom Panda” in the near future?

 With a possible bigroom Trance album coming up soon, I wanted to return to the dance floor this year and give you some new dance floor experiences.

At the same time, I have cooperated with many excellent artists, and I will also sing some new songs. At the same time, I will play a lot of my new remix on the scene.


Q6. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

I am very happy to accept this interview, and I hope you can vote for me in the top 100 DJ selection. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!


 Atom Panda