Q1. We’re so excited you closed Ultra Europe after Swedish House Mafia! How was Ultra Europe?

It’s hard to explain Ultra Europe into words. Closing the mainstage of Ultra Europe in Croatia after the Swedish House Mafia is an incredible honor. Some of the best parties in my life I experienced partying on Swedish House Mafia when they had their Pacha residency in Ibiza. Moments I’ll always cherish and never forget. SHM is still pushing the bar with incredible music and shows worldwide. Besides an opportunity proving myself as Jeffrey Sutorius this was also a big musical challenge I gladly accepted.






Q2. How has this year been treating you so far?

2019 has been a year of downs, but also VERY BIG ups! A reflection of real life. I’m trying to do my best and give my all. I aim high, both professionally and privately.


Q3. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

- Jeffrey Sutorius feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Nothing Hurts Like Love (Tomas Heredia Remix) [BODYWRMR RECORDS]



Jonathan and I go back a long time. He is an incredible artist and true friend and wrote what perfectly reflects the hardship of a broken relation. Every time I play Nothing Hurts Like Love, it feels like the first time again. Argentinian super talent Tomas Heredia made a beauty of a remix with an emotional progressive touch and powerful basslines. An unresistable combo!


- Jeffrey Sutorius - No Disko [BODYWRMR RECORDS]

An (at the moment) unreleased banger! Which has been growing in my sets weekend after weekend. When it’s time to crank up some energy, ‘No Disko’ comes out to play.


- Jeffrey Sutorius - LATCH

A tribal trance tech approach from my end which has been received with open arms! It has a drive to it that’s rarely heard, making it a dancefloor gem for my shows. I’ve been playing it for months now and stands out in my sets every time.


Q4. Can you tell me a fun story from a memorable show from your career?

Playing for a fully packed Six Flags attraction theme park in México, where all roller coasters were going up and down during the whole show. While dancing, we went from day to night and, it left a lasting impression on me where fun and electronic music were combined in a perfect blend.


Q5. Any messages you want to leave for you Japanese fans?

I think Japan is an amazing country, with many lovers and supporters of electronic music! It’s fantastic to see the growth, and people out of Japan nationwide are reaching out to me on social media. It’s so nice to meet you! I hope I will visit Japan again very soon. Arrigato!