Q1. We’re glad to interview with you! How has this year been treating you so far?

This has been an incredible year so far. We got to play EDC for the first time, we finished our first album and we couldn’t be happier about that. 



Q2. Please talk to us about your new album and the inspiration behind it. 

Our debut album, ‘RVMBLE in the JVNGLE’, will be released on July 5th. We put two years of our lives into this piece and we could not be more proud of it.

Heavily inspired by the earlier Major Lazer and Dutch House sounds coming out of the Netherlands we decided to revisit said sound and added our Urban NYC take on it.

We’re dubbing it ‘Caribbean Bass’. Growing up we would frequent dingy clubs in Queens, NY that would play Dancehall, Reggaeton and Hip Hop records throughout the night.

This album is our love letter to that time period, with a revisionist spin on it. We all know “EDM” is in a weird space right now and we’re not shying away from that, which is why we consciously formatted the album as a double sided endeavor.

The first half of the album, should transport you to a party on an island secluded somewhere in the far reaches of the world.

The second half should drop you dead smack into the center of a crowded festival on the dark side of the same island. Here you’ll find aggressive, percussive, sonic frequencies roaming rampant throughout the night. 



Q3. How is this album special compare to other tracks you’ve released throughout the career? 

This album is a culmination of all of our previous releases and influences meshed with our current sensibilities.

We’re not trying to go in a different direction sonically, we just want to evolve. We really set out to give our fans something timeless.

Something that they can listen to fifty years from now and say, ‘I remember those FIGHT CLVB guys, they use to make crazy club music but it was also sexy and easy on the ears. 


Q4. What's coming from FIGHT CLVB in the following months?  

We’re setting up our US tour in the late Fall/Early Winter and we definitely want to come back to Japan at some point!

We love playing there. Might even go as far as to say its our favorite place to play in the world!


Q5. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan. 

We LOVE all of you! Can’t wait to come back and give you guys an even crazier experience than the last time we were there.

Shout outs to Tomoya, Marie, Double Bass Burgers, Akira, Ruji, Jaxx Da Fishworks and all of our other friends out there.