Q1. You had an immensely successful 2018, being selected for Forbes Brazil’s ‘30 Under 30’ and achieving 48th place in the DJ Mag Top 100. How has this year been treating you so far? 

Last year was amazing and getting into Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ was an incredible achievement, it’s an honour and it’s something that never crossed our minds when we started DJing and producing music.

2019 is already one of the best years and it’s only April! We can’t believe how many great things are happening and how much else we still have to go so far. We’re really thankful. 


Q2. Talk us through your latest release ‘Apache’ and the inspiration behind it. 

‘Apache’ is a track that we wanted to try and experiment with. You can tell it’s not exactly our signature style, it’s a little bit more mixed with Flakkë’s style because he works a lot with those ethnic sounds. He sent us the idea for the vocal and we really liked the way it sounded, so we started working on it and it ended up quite different from what we are used to producing. That’s why we liked it so much because it’s different and people really enjoy it when we play it in our sets. We’re always trying new things and this is definitely one of our favorites. 



Q3. You’ll be performing in Thailand for the first time in April for S2O Songkran Music Festival, what are you most looking forward to about your performance there? 

We’re really excited about S2O Festival in Thailand, we heard a lot about it. It’s a huge festival! We’ve done our research on it and it has an insane structure, it’s really impressive. Besides, to have the opportunity to play at a festival with such quality and magnitude so far away from home just goes to show where our music can take us. We’re proud, amazed and very happy and we’re also preparing some new stuff, new intro, and working hard to make the best show possible. 


Q4. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets? Are you going to play them at S2O Music Festival? 

Nowadays, we have a lot of must-plays in our sets because we have a lot of new tracks and we’re very excited, they all perform well in our gigs. “Your Body” is one of our oldest tracks and the audience goes crazy when we play it so this one is in every set. We’ve been playing “Apache” a lot and we’ll definitely play some unreleased tracks like our collab with Will Sparks and “Dance Now” with Merk & Kremont and MorganJ. 



Q5. You’ll be returning to Japan for a show at Warp Shinjuku in Tokyo on April 8th, are you planning on doing any sightseeing whilst your here? 

We’re very excited to go back to Japan. The last time we were there we managed to take a few days off so we went to Tokyo, Kyoto and were able to get to know a lot of new places. This time we are considering going skiing because people say that Japan snow is one of the best around the world and, by chance, it’s snowing a lot. We saw on the weather forecast that it will be snowing in the mountains around Tokyo when we arrive there. 

We might visit Mount Fuji though because the last time we were in Japan we couldn’t go there and some people say there’s a camping area at its base that we would enjoy visiting too, but we don’t know if we’ll have time. We’re really excited since Japan is one of the most amazing countries we’ve been to. 


Q6. Any messages you want to leave for you Japanese fans? 

We’re very grateful for this opportunity! Thanks to all of the Japanese fans we’re going to play in Japan again. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to return, and we’re really happy because it’s such an incredible country, with an amazing culture, awesome people, and we’ve learnt a lot from our previous visits to Japan. We want to say thank you for being with us and listening to our music, we promise we won’t let you down and we’ll definitely play some of our new tracks! Hope you enjoy it.