Q1. How was playing in Japan for the first time? What was the most surprising or impressive experience? Is there something within your expectation in Japan?  

I love Japan so much, to be honest its my favourite country to visit!! I used to come often to see friends but it had been 3 years since my last visit, so I was stoked to come back and it was amazing to be able to play back to back with my long time friend Jaxx Da Fishworks, and do a mix and chat with other mates Taku Takahasi & TJO at Block FM, great to see my friends again and chat about music. 


Q2. Please talk to us about your release "Sometime" and the inspiration behind it.

Yeah so Sometime is my current record out now, and its just gone #1 club record in Australia - so exciting :) We are nearly about to release the video clip so maybe it will be up when you post this interview and you can include. Its a collaboration with a very well known singer from Melbourne called Owl Eyes. I wanted to make a song that would be great listen to on radio or playlists but also dope for clubs.. I usually play one of the remixes when I’m doing a late night club show but the original is great for radio and earlier in the night.



Q3. How is this track special compared to other tracks you’ve released throughout the career?  

I feel this track is a little more grown up, or mature maybe. Less bleepy synths and crazy bassline, its more like a song or piece of music.  


Q4. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

At the moment nearly every set I’m playing Dance - Noizu and Word - Walker & Royce ft. VNSSA.. usually play bits like that at start of my sets then get a little more heavier towards end… at the moment you’d always here Primal - Taiki Nulight & Hallucinogen - Chris Lorenzo too… plus ofcourse bits from myself and my crew in between.




Q5. Is there any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us for 2019? 

Yeah some big things on the way… just about to drop a remix of Marten Horger & Skiitour’s Redlight record (it was #1 on Beatport at the end of last year) and I have collabs with Taiki Nulight & Maximono on the way too. A follow up to Sometime is just around the corner plus a solid LO’99 solo club jam too. Going to be a busy 2019 release wise, about to head out on my 2nd Red Alert tour in April too.


Q6. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Hey hi all my Japanese friends & family.. can’t wait to get back over and see you all again soon! Don’t be shy, please drop me a message or note hello on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @lo99official AZASSSS :)