Q1. Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

At the beginning of 2018 I was looking for a nice classy vocal and I remembered meeting Ashibah some years ago while touring in Brazil and I always liked her voice. She recorded two demos and I preferred the more mellow one, as I felt it fit well to the Nora En Pure vibe. At first I had sent her a different instrumental demo where she sang on top of a more melancholic laid back track… I really liked it as well, but I felt like trying something completely new with it. When I was in Nashville I sat down with one of my studio partners and worked out a new loop and I really loved the enthusiastic energy that came with the new melody. 



Q2. How is this track special compare to other tracks you’ve released throughout the career?

Usually my tracks are a little more mellow and tend to have a slight melancholic side as well and I often work with instrumental mixes only. This one continues on the path that I took with ‘Tears In Your Eyes’ with overwhelming melodic energy that just leaves you happy.


Q3. How are the fans reacting to it?

They usually recognise immediately that it’s a new Nora En Pure track with signature elements and given that also my sets are quite a bit deeper, this one always manages to stick out and bring all the girls to the front dancing and being happy ;-) 


Q4. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

Recently I play at least 1-2 tracks from Dario D'Attis when I want some more groove or also Eelke Kleijn is currently in almost every set.



Q5. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

It's been quite some time and I think I have only played there once but would love to be back soon!