Q1. We’re excited to have you here again. How does it feel to be back in Japan?

It feels really amazing, it’s not that long ago that I was in Osaka but this is the first time that I’ve been in Tokyo so I’m really looking forward to looking around Tokyo this time


Q2. How was it headlining PACHA IBIZA ON TOUR 2018 “Cherry X’mas” in Tokyo?

The gig at Pacha was really interesting, the first time I’ve played for Pacha the club, the dancers were really cool and the people were really energetic, a great Japanese crowd, it was just a really exciting and really lovely to pay back in Japan and of course I can’t wait to get back. Plus Japan treated me really well with a Japanese BBQ!



Q3. Congratulations on your new release “Somebody I’m Not” together with Bjornskov. What inspired you to create this track?

I got the lyrics from the singer songwriter Bjornskov and I heard it and I just thought it could be an amazing track so I started the production and went to the studio and finished it pretty fast. It was a really easy, nice track to work with and I’m really, really happy with the results so far.



Q4. Can you share with your fans any ‘behind the scene’ stories for this track?

We’ve actually doing a full ‘behind the scenes’ video from the official video shoot so you can see all the stories there. We were really lucky with the weather at the beach because it was November when we shot it and normally in November it’s raining and snowing and cold and it was 14 degrees that day! It was amazing being on the beach with the full crew that day. The day after we shot on the beach we shot some more film in a basement and that was so cold we needed jackets, which you can see on the video.




Q5. Are there any big projects that you can already share with us? 

I can share yet but I promise there are some really great things coming up. There are a LOT of new singles coming out in 2019 and I’m so excited to share them with everyone and I can’t wait to get them online.



Q6. Please leave a message to your Japanese fans.

I’m so happy to be here, you’re all so kind to me whenever I come here and even though it’s my second time being in Japan it feels like home.