Q1. Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it. 

My latest release, Heaven (Don’t Have A Name) is something really exciting. A collaboration with the famous actor, Mr. Jeremy Renner. This was new to the both of us, he is new to the dance industry and we didn’t really know each other personally before this collaboration. But the result is amazing. His raw voice really transformed the track into something different. 

My goal with this track was to show the world that my music knows no genre, while keeping my signature sound of course. The same goes for my debut album ‘From Sunrise To Sunset’. I wanted to experiment with new sounds. Working with Jeremy was awesome and the song turned out great same goes for the reactions so far! 

I’m looking forward to doing other exciting collaborations and making new sounds in the future. 



Q2. How would you rate this summer compared to those of other years and why?

I had the accident with my scooter of course, which was very unfortunate and messed up my schedule that was filled with festivals where I was going to play. Apart from that, it was a great summer. Lots of new Sam Feldt music was released, some exciting project were started along with my musical projects.

I think I started a bit of a new chapter with my music, trying new things. So that is definitely different than other years. It was a good year for sure!


Q3. What have been your favorite tracks to play live this year? 

Sam Feldt - Know You Better (RetroVision Remix)

Camelphat - Cola (Tom Staar Remix)

Sam Feldt - Heaven (Don’t Have A Name) ft. Jeremy Renner


Q4. Any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us?

Besides the track that we just released, ADE is coming up, which is exciting. I have my own event in an amazing historic venue. I’m only inviting 200 of my biggest fans. There will be no regular ticket sale for the event. You can only win tickets by entering contests on the radio or via my Heartfeldt fan portal. It will be an amazing night with only happy people and good vibes in an amazing place. Really looking forward to that! 

I’m also working on a several other things, all contributing to a more sustainable world. So that’s something I will be working on a lot in the future. I’m doing two panels about sustainability during ADE this year. ADE GREEN: ‘The Future Of Plastic’ and ‘Artists Empowering Their Community To Change’. I just want to do my part and inspire others to help too. I really want to make a difference and create a movement along my fans and others. 


Q5. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Hey Guys! I hope you are all enjoying my new track with Jeremy Renner! I’m looking forward to partying with you again in the future! Thank you for always supporting me and my music!