A DJ/Producer from Italy, 1979 is one up and coming talent producing melodic House and Techno. His tracks have been supported by some of the top artists including Kolsh, Patrice Baumel, HOSH, Dominik Eublerg, Max Cooper and more. And can’t forget about his “Prototipo” ranked in Beatport’s TOP 100 Chart since its release. He just announced his release “Once I Saw The Sky” from HOSH’s label Fryhide.


Q1. We’re glad to interview with you. Could you start by telling us about yourself first? 

Hi Dj Mag jp readers! Of course, Iユm an Italian dj and producer and I come from Schio, a small city really close to Venice. Itユs a really beautiful place surrounded by the mountains but also quite close to the seaside, a very calm and inspiring spot where to get inspired for producing nice and deep music..

Recently I moved to Amsterdam though, a city full of events, clubs and festivals where I can feel more involved into this big movement also known as Electronic Music.


Q2. Please talk to us about your latest EP, just released on fryhide, and the inspiration behind it.

My latest release, "Once I saw the Sky", is a 2 tracks ep that I entirely produced in my studio located in the heart of Amsterdam. The first track, that gives the name to the Ep also, is a deep melodic and melancholic tune; itユs a tribute to Dutch sky, that with its fast clouds and amazing colours made a part of me falling in love at the first sight..

The second one, called "Space Cake", is a clubby tune that I composed straight after a very long night passed in the dancefloor of the De Marktkantine. I was still with my mind in the club when I started playing with my synthesizers and I think that if you listen to the track you can somehow feel the energy that lays behind it. After a while the title of the track came to light cause I felt the psychedelic link with the funniest sweet ever..



Q3. How could you jump into the rising lable powered by HOSH?

I am very happy to be part of the Fryhide family. I think itユs one of the most promising label of the present electronic  music scene. 

Hosh, found out about my music thank to a very good dj and promoter from London and after few demos he thought that my style could really fit into the imprint.


Q4. What do you keep in mind when you produce music ? What is the most important thing for you as producer ?  

When I am in the studio, I have to be free in my mind in order to express myself in full effect. I plug my instruments and I loose the track of time..

I used to have many synthesizers back in the days but now Iユve changed my setup in a more minimalistic way. I surround myself with few machines that Iユm gonna squeeze 100%! The importance indeed as a producer is to exploit well the setup that you own; you donユt need to have a Synthesizersユ store in your room!  


Q5. Any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us? 

I‘m waiting for some gigs around Europe to be confirmed and also I am starting to work to a collaboration that Iユm really getting excited about. Also I have a lot of new music ready for this year and Iユm looking forward to release it..


Q6. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan. 

I am a big fan of your music! Japanese artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kaito are a big inspiration for me.. I hope youユll enjoy my latest release and I hope to being able to play in your country really soon! Mata ne!



His deep understanding of production is what makes his music stand out from the rest…

Since making a move to Amsterdam, the centre of dance music scene right now, he also mentioned that “everyday is a lesson here”. 1979 continues to soak in good vibes and digest it in a way to produce his original sounds. With the support from HOSH, he is making big steps towards his success and we can’t wait to hear more…Tune in to his new EP “Once I Saw The Sky”.


photo credit: www.brandoghinzelli.com