DJs From Mars, the only DJ/Producer duo recognised with a cardboard mask whilst their cool set. The Italian duo are favoured by many with their exceptional mashups that comes out of nowhere…

Bimbo Jones, Sean Paul, Pitfall, Yves La Rock, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Ciara Cascada, Coolio, Ennio Morricone are some the remixes they’ve come up that made an impact in the dance music scene.  


Q1. Glad to interview with you again! How has this year been so far?

More than great! We just released a new single that’s going great, especially in Italy where it’s climbing the most important radio charts. Then we released a new Bootzilla album (which is our usual bootleg pack with 20 tracks) and we are receiving great feedbacks from top djs like Tiesto, Galantis, Sam Feldt and more…

Plus, Tiesto himself asked us to create a megamashup with all his greatest hits, we made it and now he’s playing it at his shows and on his radio show. So we would say that 2018 is one of our best years so far!!


Q2. Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Our new single is called “Somewhere Above The Clouds” and actually it’s been produced like it was a mashup! We had this guitar riff, and this old vocal in the closet, they were both good but not “GREAT”. Then, we tried to combine them as we do with mashups, ,and the result was pure magic. So we also added some sax samples, and finished the song. It’s great to have old ideas in your hard drive cause they can stay there in silence for years and then – when you find the right combination – they can give brand new results! That’s the best part of our job: you never know where music will lead you.



Q3. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

Yea actually we have a Sum41 remix of “Still Waiting” – we always loved that song, so we had to create a remix for that, and well we’re playing it at every show, young kids and older crowd loves that track (which was a bit unexpected for us) – and it’s the track that we play when we say “ok now let’s make this crowd go REALLY crazy!”

One more track that we always play is a mashup that we made with Camelphat “Cola” and Axwell & Ingrosso “More than you know” 

It starts like a house track, then everyone recognizes the vocal part and starts singing out loud. Then – we added a drop part with the Pon De Floor vocal sample from Major Lazer. People never expects this drop after that vocal so the first 4 seconds everybody’s a bit surprised, and at the 5th second they’re dancing like there’s no tomorrow!! 




Q4. What big festivals/clubs do you will be playing next?

We’re excited to come back in a club in New Jersey – Jersey Shore, it’s not a huge club but it has our favourite vibe, wild crowd and crazy fun! Then, we’re playing some big festivals in Croatia and Spain, and we have a lot of shows in Italy too, which is great cause our country is beautiful in this summer season!  After that, we’re coming back in Asia in September…so summer will be busy ! 


Q5. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

We can’t wait to be back in Japan as soon as possible! It’s been 3 years already and we miss Japanese clubs and people! We love Japan and we hope to be there again very soon, so stay tuned and check out tourdates on!



DJs From Mars have since debuting proved their high profile in production and special performances during their set with their cardboard masks. Carl Cox, David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, the legends are giving them support for years and that explains the reason behind their busy summer schedules…

Tune in to their new release “Somewhere Above The Clouds”!