Based on New Zealand, Oakland, The Duo, State of Mind teamed up with Patrick Hawkins and Stuart Maxwell, is a hottest Drum & Base DJ in New Zealand. They found label “SOM Muci” in 2017 and release tons of songs and project such as collaboration with Axiom, Chris SU, BSE. DJ MAG JAPAN had chance to interveiw them exclusively. Let us share about their new project and advice for amateur DJs.


Q1. Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it. 

The new project is called ‘Land of the Blind’. Our last album was called ‘Eat the Rich’.  It was a bit of a political statement about inequality.  We wanted to keep the theme going….




Q2. How is this EP special compared to other music you’ve released throughout your career?

Well what’s unique about this one is the way we are releasing it.  Normally an album would be released with a couple of advance singles, then the whole body of work.  With Land of the Blind, we are releasing it in stages.  Essentially people consume music differently now.  Streaming has changed everything.  People tend to thrash 1 or 2 tracks from an album and miss the rest.  We think that by splitting it all up, maybe people will discover more of the album than just the lead singles.


Q3. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

I’d say ‘Scarif’ by Black Sun Empire and Pythius.  It’s just so ravey and Euro.  Love it.  



Q4. Are there any artists in particular you would love to collab with this year?

Perhaps Prolix.  Maybe Synergy too.  They are a new outfit in drum and bass.  They have some skills!


Q5. Can you give some advice for the amateur DJs. How did you acquire your producing skills during you amateur years?

Patience and practice.   The key piece of advice I have is don’t rush out and try and release the first tune you make.  You might think it’s amazing when its just been completed, but give it 6 months and you will probably hate it.  Instead spend time just building a body of work and improving through practice.  In time, you will develop a style too.  Also remember when you send music to someone, they will probably only give you 1 chance.  If they put the track on and it’s terrible, chances are they wont listen to the next track you send.  We made music for about 4 years before anyone who was important in the music industry heard our stuff.  


Q6. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Japan, we love you! The scene is great and it’s probably my favourite place to take a holiday. Hopefully we will see you in 2018 and definitely around the Rugby World Cup in 2019 (All Blacks gonna win again for sure).  Peace SOM!



Their release “Faster than Light” released in 2009 is still shining as big anthem in dance music scene now. the NZ Music Award nominated Duo, State of Mind talked to us that they are still motivated to go up next level and holding exciting new project. They definitely provide exciting and impressive project and music From New Zealand to world in 2018 as well.