One of the top producer of trance music scene, Johan Gielen and Japanese producer Ryoji Takahashi got together and release “Calima” from Netherland’s authentic label, High Contrast Recordings. This collaboration will definitely be historical moment in Japanese dance music scene and accelerate progression of music industry in Japan. Let us share about this special talk between Johan and Ryoji about their new release and future. 


【Johan Gielen】Can you let the people know your side of the story for our collab?

【Ryoji Takahashi】At first, I have sent my demo which was a prototype of Calima to Johan Gielen and asked if he would be interested in a collab. Johan told me he really liked it so we got in touch. I remember the email conversations and found it really impressive. After the conversation we send some files back and forth and connected via Skype.



【Johan Gielen】You have produced many different styles over the years , are you going to do more trance related music in the future?

【Ryoji Takahashi】Yes! I’ve been making other genres but I’ve already been concentrating to produce more trance music from 2016.


【Johan Gielen】Creating "Calima" with you being in Japan and Johan in The Netherlands, was it easy to work from a distance and how?

【Ryoji Takahashi】With the technology these days it’s very easy. Like I mentioned earlier we had an email conversation and a video conference call. But I like to come to the Netherlands to make tracks in the studio. It will also be great to talk about more ideas or making tracks.



【Johan Gielen】Can we expect more from you both together in the future?

【Ryoji Takahashi】Yes! We have already been talking about a new collaboration. I have a lot of demos. If we can generate more power in the new tracks we can certainly get a strong follow-up.


【Johan Gielen】What are your favorite Johan Gielen Records (past and now)?

【Ryoji Takahashi】That would be Svenson & Gielen and Airscape. I really like “L'Esperanza”, “The Beauty of Silence” and “Twisted”. As for recent tracks, I like “Souvenir” (and the artwork is also nice).



【Johan Gielen】What was your best gig so far and what memories you have on this gig?

【Ryoji Takahashi】That is really difficult to say. I did so many wonderful gigs but here we go.. When I played at M2(Shanghai/China) in 2016, it was my first time playing as a main DJ in China. I loved the crowd and the atmosphere. The organization was really happy with my gig and asked me to play an extended time and this resulted in a 2 hour set. I was really appreciated by the event. My second memory was the Trance Parade 2.0 (Guangzhou/China) a few months ago before more than 2000 people. I even played Calima as an ID to test it and this was massive. In Japan I have a lot of good memories and also playing as my alias TINY DUCKS at ‘ageHa’ and ‘WOMB’.


【Johan Gielen】What's your favorite Trance Classic? 

【Ryoji Takahashi】As I said before. “L'Esperanza ”, “The Beauty of Silence”, “Twisted” and “Out of the Blue”.. but many more tunes. That time got me infected with trance but there where so many good tracks in that era I cannot mention them all it’s too much! 


【Johan Gielen】Who was your inspiration to start producing Trance?

【Ryoji Takahashi】Svenson & Gielen and Ferry Corsten!! They are my trance artists forever!




This historical collaboration was started by the moment when the Legend in dance music scene, Johan Gielen discovered Ryoji Takahasi’s huge possibility and talent as producer. This breakthrough proved that there is no impossibility in this industry and Ryoji gave us a hope that for Japanese aspiring producers. DJ MAG JAPAN is looking forward to see the future when one of you reading article becomes a producer like Ryoji Takahashi and we interview to you.