The club "KING∞XMHU", one of the pioneer to add amusement taste into nightlife updated their brand new interior design with variety of floor along the line of 8-shape sloop. By walking through these floors which have each concept such as “cosmic space”, “Ancient” and “future”, audience can see brand new excitement of their adventure and feel like they are riding on time machine. Wide range of music genre from EDM, dance music to Reggae, Hip Hop from Leading-edge sound and lighting system installed in each floor are also the club’s highlighted strengths. It can definitely be said that “KING∞XMHU” is fully qualified “entertainment” space for all customers.



“KING∞XMHU” ‘s collaboration with Steve Aoki (Top 9# at DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs 2017) , Ummet Ozcan and Matthew Koma took all our attention in 2016. Also, Sapporo’s night was shaken by the events such as "MOVE NIGHT_×DJ MAG presents. SPECIAL GUEST : DJ GLEN DALEcollaborated with Glen Dale. All industry representatives put their eyes on next movement of the club “KING∞XMHU”.







Q1. It has been a year since KING∞XMHU was born. What do you think which is the biggest achievement so far? 

Our biggest achievement was our anniversary event at 4/28 in 2017. We celebrated our 1stanniversary at 10 days from 4/28 with more than 10000 customers from all around japan.


Q2. Do you have any role model in japan or other country when it comes to managing KING∞XMHU? 

AGEHA. This is best club that audience can experience full of fun at any place in there. It is our model.



Q3. What strength you want to emphasize in your club?

KING∞XMHU can create space and experience which customers never get from their daily life. All our efforts like music, lightnings, performance and interior / exterior designed are implemented for customers from all generations and countries.



Q4. Are there any yearly goals in 2018?  

We will sophisticate our hospitalities including music, performance and services to make more foreigners. Also, we want to collaborate with other clubs from all area of Japan ! 


Q5. Please leave a massage to your funs and lovers!

Thank you so much for all your support in every day. We are going to challenge putting all our energy for make our club better than ever! We would be very appreciated that you keep your eyes on our news in 2018 at Our SNS account !