Ibiza FUKUOKA was born at September 23 in 2017 supported by Cat’s Fukuoka, one of most popular clubs not only in Fukuoka but whole of West Japan. Since the opening ceremony, Ibiza FUKUOKA, the new landmark had have the biggest capacity (approximately 760㎡) in Fukuoka and delivered brand new experience to all their customers. Furthermore, Its great atmosphere made with their installation of newest LED screens and sound system are melting with sounds from top class resident DJs. It makes sure the crowd goes wild and feel like being in Ibiza island which the name is derived from.



The club itself has 2 levels and have separate rooms with different genres for the fans. Main floor is Open-format, sub floor is Black music and Top 40. There are also total 9 VIP rooms and some powder rooms for assuring safety for woman. It’s only been 3month since their birth, the club gain a lot of attention from representatives in this nightlife industry.

Its resident headliners such as DJs BABYBOSS,KAZUMA,MARIO1977,ZIEZIE and OREO are invited from big clubs in Tokyo and Osaka frequently, then they are called “All star of Fukuoka”. It is totally worth to stay tune to their upcoming announcement and do not miss its next move in 2018.  







Q1, Could you please tell us what led you to begin Ibiza FUKUOKA at the moment ?  

First reason is that we simply want to increase popularity of club lovers and another reason is to deliver more space and different style of nightlife experience for current Cat’s funs.  Cat’s Fukuoka is sometimes fully packed with audience and some funs can not enter the club..


Q2. What do you think which features of the club can differentiate from other clubs? 

It is same as Cat’s Fukuoka, we are trying to maintain the quality of events by keeping list of headliners with only our resident DJs at any time. We never changed the lineup unless we book guest. it prevents customers from dissatisfying and losing their priceless time.  So we can say the consistency is totally our strength.  



Q3. The name includes “Ibiza”. Are there any reasons to use it? Also, please tell us if there are some role model for running Ibiza FUKUOKA. 

Truth be told, because of the upcoming big events like Olympic and FINA World Aquatics Championships, we think the name of club should be easy to pull attention from people in all around the world. Everybody knows the word “IBIZA” and easy to imagine what it is.


Q4. Are there any artists in particular you would love to collaborate with in the near future and What do you have coming up in the future ?

Because of the location of Ibiza FUKUOKA, some customers who are not familiar with nightlife culture have came to here. Therefor, we think that our booking plan has to cover wide range of their favor and become one of the hottest tourist attraction which everybody can search us from public media such as magazine or TV show.



Q5 Please leave a massage for all funs and people who did not know Ibiza FUKUOKA yet. 

Ibiza FUKUOKA is still not well-known enough but fortunately becoming hottest clubs that even get chance to be interviewed by such a world famous media “DJ MAG JAPAN”. We never forget to remind appreciation to all your support and keep on doing our best in next year as well. We can proudly say that our resident DJ’s can satisfy with all types of people’s demand.

So, please come to Ibiza FUKUOKA without any hesitation and enjoy memorable moment which cannot experience in any other place!