Womb, based in Shibuya, Tokyo was the one of Japanese club that managed to slide into last year’s DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS. “WORLD WIDE” is said to be their motto and perspective trying to project the Tokyo culture through music scenes and to expand their networks. They not only provide the club culture to Japanese and foreign fans but they also send their resident DJs abroad for gigs and similarly, did an event “WOMB TOKYO NIGHT” in Space Ibiza and fabric in London. No one have doubt that Womb which has been one of the top 100 clubs in DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS for past 11 years will be ranked in one of the top clubs in DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS 2018 again. 



Peaking into their 2017, Not only bass music legendary DJ “DATSIK” left his first footprint in Japan, but also audience could have chance to see performance of “KIIDA“ who becomes one of the best DJ duo supported by Afrojack at here.

Furthermore, Womb collaborated with tons of World class players such as CESQEAUX, Bondax, Arca, Zomboy, Ferry Corsten, TOM STAAR, SNAILS,4B, NERVO, PENDULUM, Kryder and more in only this year.



Its resident DJs like DJ Aki and akkyu Ishino and resident events such as “SESSION”, “06S”(Drum & Bass), “STERNE”(Techno),” N_U_O”(Trap/Bass) are essential for telling its story. Especially “SESSION” celebrated 16th year anniversary and NY house legendary DJ DANNY TEBAGIA attend its anniversary party.

As we all know WOBM is one of the leading club in Tokyo and had great year in 2017 as well as past 11 years in a row.

All representatives in this industry and all music lovers are paying attention to which number of place WOMB will hit in DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS 2018. 







Q1. Since WOMB was hit DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS in past 11 years in a row, Could you tell us about the main focus of WOMB to be Top clubs in the world ?

All we do is to create most enjoyable experience in each night at WOMB and get them keep on feeling the moment until they fall asleep. So we have faithfully kept this concept in our mind and dedicate ourselves into the mission. Needles to say, we have always paid attention to even small changes in this industry such as music trend, marketing method and technology and tried to deliver best services to our customers at best moment.   

Also, we started to decide our annual mission at anniversary in every April and create our yearly schedule based on the mission for aiming build own strong unique brand value in this market. 

The brand new project “WOMB Travel“ is one of our challenge to spread our contents around all areas in japan and the world.


Q2. At first moment of ranking in DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS in 2007, what do you think which factors led WOMB to hit the ranking ? Could you tell us about the story at that moment? 

We had express our concept and content at both in WOMB and external event platform like PLANET TWILO, WOMB MOBILE PROJECT and WOMB ADVENTURE. Both way synced perfectly and led us to be in the ranking at that time. 

On the other hand, we cannot forget that all efforts made by stuffs and even customers attracts leading artists in this industry.



Q3. Could you let us know about new project “WOMB Travel” ? 

This is a brand new project and results from long 17 years it history. This project’s mission is to open the door to perform at variety of stages for young aspiring DJs based on our international network. To make Japanese music industry stronger, we are supposed to support them to be one of the local star and send them to the around the world. So we hope that we could be a best bridge to connect japan and other country by sharing our contents to peoples more. 



Q4. Are there any artists in particular you would love to collaborate with in the near future and What do you have coming up in the future ?

In terms of marketing, we would like to approach to segment under 20, who will become future strong club lovers, and create atmosphere attracting more ladies. Also, sophisticating local events and challenging international event creation more on the project “WOMB Travel”.


Q5. Please leave a message to all your funs and WOBM lovers. 

Thank you for all your support. At the answer for Q2, we could totally not be who we are now without all of you and all stuffs have kindly got involved into us. We cannot thank you enough for your strong continuing support so far. It is best joy for us that all of you experience most enjoyable moment in WOMB and love all our services.

We will do our 120% best in next year 2018 as well for being love by you more, so please come to WOBM without any hesitation.