What is DJ MAG?

DJ MAG is the best-loved media brand playing a significant role in dance music culture across the world, starting its history in 1991 in the UK. Since its early days, DJ MAG has been providing candid music reviews and news in 17 countries and regions, focusing on the most "original and hottest content” for music lovers, club goers, DJs and producers. For all clubbers and festival fans, DJ MAG offers a wide range of information from overground to underground. The most remarkable contribution is “TOP100DJs” and “TOP100CLUBS”. These have become popular and relevant rankings which continue to draw attention from world famous DJs, producers, and clubs. In addition, there is the all-important and prestigious annual event showcasing aspiring new clubs and the next generation’s artists.


What is DJ MAG TOP100DJs & TOP100CLUBS?


The world’s largest and most well-known ranking brand “TOP100DJs” and “TOP100CLUBS” by DJ MAG continues to increase its impact on the industry. In particular, “TOP100DJs” has received more than a million votes from 180 countries through the DJ MAG.com website. Every year, the results are announced in front of an audience of tens of thousands of viewers during the world's biggest dance music conference, AED, while millions also watch it on livestream.





DJ MAG JAPAN was founded in Tokyo. DJ MAG JAPAN is putting effort into publishing interviews with musicians as we focus on introducing real-time information to Japan and Asia about what the leading artists are thinking and doing NOW in the world, something which has until recently been consumed exclusively in English. Localized articles translated into Japanese are another contribution to the industry. DJ MAG JAPAN is unique in its ‘crossover’ of four elements: media, event, education, and label. Besides this, DJ MAG hosts “DJ MAG Creators Salon” to elevate Japanese talent. It helps artists with not only making music, but social marketing and essential know-how as an artist. Furthermore, DJ MAG picks promising DJs and Producers to support study abroad in partner schools and promote releases overseas. Also, for the future of the country, making these two rankings “Best of Japan – DJ/Producers Ranking U-29” and “Best of Japan – CLUBS” an established brand with DJ MAG HQ, DJ MAG JAPAN introduces the current club culture in Japan to the western world. DJ MAG JAPAN is the most powerful Asian member of the “DJ MAG Global Network” consisting of 17 countries and regions.






To be a global epicenter of influencers on social media utilizing “music” and “video” as fundamental elements.






Media Project

Best of Japan – DJ/Producers Ranking U-29

Collaboration of DJ MAG JAPAN and DJ MAG HQ coordinate and announce this ranking as the best DJ and producers domestic ranking. In 2018, it gathered more than 7,000 votes from the LINE app.


Best of Japan – CLUBS Ranking

Collaboration of DJ MAG JAPAN and DJ MAG HQ coordinate and announce this ranking as the best clubs domestic ranking. In 2018, it gathered more than 5,000 votes from the LINE app.


Event Project


DJ MAG JAPAN consistently works on event organization, booking artists from overseas, promotion, and after reports. For clients, our services includes organizing events for those clubbers who most closely resemble the target customer and posting promotions and reports through social networks.


DJ MAG JAPAN presents SundayAfternoon & IN THE NIGHT (DJ MAG JAPAN Original Brand)


Education Project

DJ MAG Creators Salon

The salon for future DJs and producers provides an environment to discuss a variety of topics including international trends in the industry, advice from artists, labels, event organizers, or the music business in general.

Note from DJMAG.JP URL: https://djmag.jp/news/20180403140358
Note from DJMAG.COM URL: https://djmag.com/content/dj-mag-creators-salon-vol1



DJ MAG JAPAN agreed a business partnership with “The School of House” in the Netherlands which took place over a 3 day summer school program in Tokyo. Teachers were invited and attended lectures on the history of dance music, positioning, label founding and artist promotions. Online lessons for Japanese will kick off in 2019.


Label Project


After establishing a publishing and event project, the music label has started by the collaboration with DJ MAG JAPAN Inc.



DJ MAG JAPAN selects and Updates world hits weekly on Spotify、AppleMusic、LINE MUSIC、AWA.